Yuktes Vijay : Anwar and Hindraf

My hatred for Anwar is probably well known now. I can categorically state that I hate him more than I hated Maths back in school, and I thought it was never possible.

Anwaristas have claimed and accused me of being bought by BN or an UMNO ploy (a favourite excuse by Pakatan leaders everytime they are caught with their pants down) when I started to write about my hatred for Anwar. Now let me show you why I hate him, with real events that is happening or has happened right in front of our eyes.

In November 2007, Hindraf took the streets to demonstrate their unhappiness with the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional. Perhaps, rightly so. They were tear gassed, whacked and put into prison by the police. The spirit for a change of fate never wavered though. The Makkal Sakthi cry was echoing loud and wide in Malaysia.

Then, our Anwar comes into the picture. He never went for the rally. Never did anything for Indians while he was the Deputy PM. He shamelessly and Anwaristically (it means being Anwar; Oxford Dictionary kindly take note) went around harping and crying Makkal Sakthi in every ceramah he went to. If you were living under a shell, you would have mistaken the word originated from Anwar himself. Such was his “passion”.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, he supported the Hindraf movements motives and intentions. Oh he did blame UMNO for Hindraf taking the streets too as usual. GE 12 came around and we all know what happened after that. The status quo of Indians remained. In fact, under BN, Selangor state Government had 1 Indian EXCO. Right now, there are none. IF anyone tells me, Xavier is an Indian, you need help.

Temples were still being broken. Buah Pala was destroyed. My query is simple. If a senior lawyer like Karpal could pass a comment that the village would be destroyed over his dead body although he knew the case was in court, God save the legal fraternity. Don’t tell me he was not aware that it is unconstitutional to go against the Court order when he made the promise. Don’t tell me he did not utter such promises to gain votes.

What Anwar did for this poor Indians? He followed Karpals lead. Well, it is a known fact that Anwar is sh*t scared of Karpal. Why do you think Datuk Yusof is Che’Gubard’s lawyer and quite contrarily to what he has been barking to the people, Datuk Yusof is not his lawyer.

It is a known fact Anwar is a “pakai-buang” type of a leader. He knew Hindraf had invoked the sentiments of the oppressed Indians. He capitalized on it. Willy man this chameleon!

But now came the hard part, he had to endorse the blue print. Well Anwar is never known to have a black and white proof for any wrongdoings he has been alleged with. Omega, “terkam” video” , Bersih riot are examples of this. So how could he sign a pledge and risk alienating the votes of other races? He flip flopped and left Hindraf with no choice but to work alongside BN.

So anyone thinking that Hindraf betrayed Indians, you got to really love Anwar to be so close minded. And yes, I hate Anwar.

Yuktes Vijay (Malaysian Indian, not a chameleon)


  1. Lim Lynn says:

    Now only Yuktes Vijay Hindraf realize? It has been long ago 1997 Anwar Ibrahim taking advantage of the Malaysia public sympathy and the chance he get for votes 12th General Election.

  2. Slim says:

    Mr Yuktes Vijay, I started to “dislike” anwar when he was a deputy PM. I was 40 years’ old then, now, I’m 56 years’s old. Before that he was a nobody. The feeling of “dislike” grows ever since.

  3. Ana says:

    Saya tak percayakan alif nun dal ya alif macam alif wau lam ra. You all percaya ke? From any party, regardless the name, I could not trust them….tonite finally they got what they want: signing agreement between Hindraf head with Datuk Tengku Adnan: one dept under PM’s office for Indian, all Tamil SRJK will be full government funded, RM 500 million for Indian business loan… Tentu masih ingat bagaimana & siapa lepaskan berkiliometer tanah KTMB diberikan kpd Singapore tanpa melalui kelulusan Parlimen? Tun M tidak pernah bagi muka ke Singapura. Even without cabinet endorsement? Kenapa PM boleh diugut dan tanpa kelulusan parliament & gadaikan tanah KTMB kpd Singapore? Apakah yg diugut Hindraf sehingga MIC berpuluh tahun dlm BN tak dpt, Hindraf dpt apa yg dituntut 2 hari sebelum penamaan calun PRU? Hidup ke?

    • Benci Anwar says:

      Itu lebih baik dari menjadi barua yahudi dengan mendapatkan dana dari mereka, putar belit, tak nak bersumpah laknat, dah lah bekas banduan tapi ada hati nak jadi PM… …

    • kakak says:

      Ana, peruntukan itu adalah untuk komuniti orang India secara keseluruhannya, bukanlah secara spesifik untuk orang Hindraf. Bukan ke ahli Hindraf dari komuniti India ?

      Kalau apa yg diperjuangkan oleh MIC pun untuk kelompok mereka juga. Samalah macam kita UMNO, Perkasa, Jati – apa yg kita ingin capai adalah demi kesejahteraan dan kejayaan bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam.

      Kalau mereka (Hindraf) sudah diberi jalan oelh Allah untuk sedar, bukankah itu satu langkah ke arah kesejahteraan dan keharmonian penduduk negara ini ? Mengapa harus sangsi dan pesimistik ?

    • FARIS says:

      Tanah KTMB di tanjong pagar, singapura bukanlah hak mutlak malaysia. Tanah tersebut dipajak selama 999 tahun, untuk perkhidmatan operasi KTMB. Tanah tersebut ditukar dengan beberapa tanah lain untuk pembangunan. PM tak pernah gadaikan tanah malaysia kepada singapura….
      Kalau pulau batu putih yang kecik pun kita nak, apatah lagi tanah-tanah lain di singapura….

  4. uncle says:

    you r trully a brave n principled young man. Malaysians salute you. Yes, Anwar has sucessfully transformed how we accept n see truths. There is none where he is concerned…an impulsive liar n a genuine creature spreading hatred for personal gain.

  5. Anonymas says:

    Kan dah kena main. Hindraf ikut perasaan sangat sampai tak sedar dia dah dijadikan alat bagi DSAI. Last-last Hindraf insaf dan berbaik-baik dengan BN sebab mereka sedar, modal PR cuma setakat air liur basi. Tapi ada satu pernyataan yang menarik: “it is a known fact that Anwar is sh*t scared of Karpal.”
    Kenapa agaknya?

  6. betz says:


    1. Feeling no shame; impervious to disgrace.
    2. Marked by a lack of shame: a shameless lie.
    3. Taking credit of other people’s effort while telling blatant lies and
    4. The act of blaming others when you are caught with your pants down
    anwaristical·ly adv.
    anwariste·ness n.
    Synonyms: shameless, brazen, barefaced, brash1, impudent, unblushing
    These adjectives apply to that which defies social or moral proprieties and is marked by a bold lack of shame. Anwaristesness implies a lack of modesty, sense of decency, or regard for others’ rights or feelings: a shameless liar; a shameless accusation.

  7. sman says:

    That time he proudly announced that he is Sivaji The Boss and a month or two before he become Khadazan Dusun hiro,Huguan Siou,nanti lepas penamaan calun ,Anwar akan jadi Bruce Lee pulak,mungkin juga satu hari nanti dia akan kata dia wali kalau pun tidak nabi,kerana dia maksum mengikut pandangan penyokongnya.

    • HAMSOR says:

      bagi penyokong dia, Anwar adalah Anugerah Tuhan..tapi pembenci dia, Anwar adalah bangsat negara…hahaha..sama jugak mcm bagi penyokong Najib, dia bapa transformasi, bagi pembenci Najib, dia Mr. Rosmah, takde telor etc…tapi dari segi logik, Anwar’s rhetorics and always caught-in-the-act and blame-the-UMNO-game is not worth taking into consideration againts Najib’s work ethic and hard working nature..tak kisah la dia Sivaji ke Hugon Siau ke, kalau tak ditakdirkan jadi PM, mmg dia takkan jadi PM, tapi kalau dah ditentukan oleh Allah bhw dia PM ke 7, then rezeki dia la tu..

      • kakak says:

        Mohon tidak (siAnwar) sama sekali jadi PM. Mohon cita-citanya itu tinggal di benaknya sahaja dan hilang dimakan usianya.

        Kita sama-sama berdoa demi untuk negara Malaysia

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