Yuktes Vijay : An Open Letter To Anwar Ibrahim

Yuktes Vijay – This letter was sent to online portal , Free Malaysia Today yesterday at 2pm. Sadly this letter is not being published by them. Have read here :

Dear Dato Seri,

Salam 1Malaysia.

I have been an avid fan of you since I was 12 years old. Your arrest in 1998 was one of the reasons that spurred me to do law and take on the fight for civil rights. However, much has changed since then as you can see. Your role as an Opposition Leader is an important aspect of democracy.

We, the rakyat, expect you to be diligent and honest in performing your role. But, sadly that has not been the case. There are reasons for me to feel skeptical about. And, if sadly you become my PM, I want to be at least assured that my country is in safe hands.

Terrorism links

A certain Suvrokamal Dutta, a renowned television celebrity, political commentator, and foreign policy and economic expert, wrote an article for MeriNews . The article was subsequently republished in a blog . This are the excerpts from the article itself :

“Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi a leading IslamicTheologian and visiting his personal house in Doha, Qatarraises many questions. Qaradawi is the unofficial Muslim leader of the Islamicworld and he supports suicide bombings against Israel as well as femalecircumcisions. At Qaradawi’s house Anwar Ibrahim also met Khalid Mashaal as perunofficial reports. Mashaal has taken responsibility for numerous suicidebombings, killing and wounding innocent civilians, including helpless women andchildren. The trip as many have claimed could be a part of damage control onpart of Anwar Ibrahim after his open support to Israel’sdefense of national security claims a comment which was not appreciated in hisown country Malaysia.”

“ …..Anwar Ibrahim has close and personal contactwith the Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) sources say Anwar hadpersonal contacts with Youssef Al Nada until at least 2011 reports claim Nadapersonally visited Anwar when the latter was on a visit to USA in 2011. Nada anEgyptian banker has been designated by the U.S.,the UN and Switzerland for having financed terrorism through an extensive financial network andproviding support for terrorist-related activities, including those undertakenby Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida.

“Nada founded Bank Al Taqwa, the financialinstitution known to have provided cash transfers and investment advice to AlQaida in preparation for 9-1-1. Other close friends of Anwar includes HishamAl-Talib, former director of one of Al Nada’s companies and now with Ibrahim’sIIIT in the US; as well as Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Alam, co-founder with Al Nada of Al Taqwa Bank.

“Anwar has also served in the board of Al-Baraka Bank which has a questionable history which the US claims to be one of the main conduits for funding Al Qaida and other terror outfits. Anwar is also one of the founding members of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in the US, which is under-investigation by US Federal law enforcement agencies since the late 90s, for the suspected financing of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaida.”

Referring to the abovementioned excerpts, I am sure you already have your standard template answer of blaming Barisan Nasional for such “allegations”. The problem is Dato Seri, the writer is from India, the story has not been exposed in Utusan nor any UMNO bloggers has played this up.

Furthermore, I assume that if PKR can believe Deepak and his slanders, I am entitled to believe this opinion of a writer who has NO links to Barisan Nasional or UMNO.

So, tell me Dato Seri, are all the allegations mentioned above true? Did you meet or have any contact with any of the individuals above?

These are serious allegations against an aspiring Prime Minister for a man with such links will surely compromise the security of my country.

You did not sue Datuk SK though he alleged that you had sex with a prostitute. He could not have been anymore defamatory than that. He challenged you to sue him but there has been no action on your part. Say that I assume you did no sue him because it was a waste of time and he has UMNO links, why bother suing Utusan? Selective suing?

My question with regards to this is simple Dato Seri . Are you going to sue this writer? Please clarify the allegations made as a citizen of Malaysia I am worried that my next PM may be a terrorist in disguise.

Fake Democrat

My next question is Dato Seri, is regarding your role in PKR. When the Johor DAP and Johor PKR engaged in war ofwords for seat allocations, Lim Guan Eng and you issued gag orders. Lim GuanEng issued the order as a sec-gen of the party. In what capacity did you issuethe gag order? In true democracy, leaders are elected. As such,the gag order should have been from Wan Azizah. You preach, yell and echodemocracy but you yourself failed to be elected into your own party.

What exactly is the problem? You asked Wan Azizah to step down for you to contest in Permatang Pauh. Why don’t you take helm of the party the same way? If you feel that party duties are a burden to you, then why act like a party supremo?

This is hypocrisy at its very best. It is clear that the word “democracy” is apolitical tool in your armory. You do not even come close to practicing what you preach. If you want to debate the Prime Minister, at least be worth his time. I am sure a leader of any country for that matter has no time to engage in a debate with a con artist.


I tried refraining from calling you a chameleon many times but your latest statement in the Sydney Harrold makes me change my stand on this issue. How can you go for a rally, shamelessly cry that Lynas wont be given a licence to operare and then flip flop your stand. Why is it that it is hard for you to have a consistent stand? You are bringing the term “ Do what the Romans do in Rome to a whole new level ”.

You seemingly are an Indian warrior when you are with the Indian community, a Malay imam scholar when you are engaging them and a Chinese economist when discussing with the community. I can state various instances where you have exhibited chameleon like qualities but I do not intend to dedicate much time to it as I feel the rakyat themselves can rewind to themselves to such instances.

Con Artist

I do not care what was given to the Indian community in Buah Pala. What did you promise them? Video evidence suggests that you said that if Pakatan Rakyat wins, you will not evacuate the village. Unless I have been in a coma, I am sure that Pakatan Rakyat rules the Penang Government and Kampung Buah Pala is no more. Even if compensation were given, doesn’t it prove the point that you would do anything to realise your dream in becoming a PM?

Your famed back problem is another one. You seemingly seem to be in a lot of pain during Court trials and I personally can vouch for that. However, when you are in a ceramah, you can hop around and dance around without an ounce of pain. How is that even possible? Dr Hoogland used his magical wand on you?

Freedom of Media

You are such a hypocrite. How can you demand for freedom of media now when you were the one who actually constructed steps to ensure it is privatised. Remember NST Dato Seri? The time you were taking on Ghafar Baba for the DPM post? I got to remind you all this because apparently you have such a short memory. You did not complain or make efforts for the independence of media back then. You know why? The media was praising you and hailing you. But since now they are crticising you, media freedom is suddenly such a big agenda in you cards. I mean how hypocrite is that. Just like how u spinned the PTPTN abolishment tale though it was your brainchild.

Debate with the PM

You see Dato Seri. The reason I adored you once upon a time is because of your oratory skills. I will be the first to admit that your skills are amazing and engaging. I admire them even to today.

But, for you to call the PM for a debate? It does not make sense. You were in UMNO. You became an UMNO Youth Chief defeating a certain Suhaimi by a mere 10 votes though you were just new to UMNO itself. I don’t remember reading you debating him or using any sort of democratic process to win the election. You won because you were Mahathir’s blue eyed boy. Period.

You want to debate the PM because it is what you are good at. Why don’t you challenge the PM in something which he is good at like fulfilling promises and having various economic reforms. I am even willing to write a petition to the Selangor Government now to get you a pay rise for you to think about economic reforms and not merely ceramahs. I am sure RM 1 is not at all sufficient for me to dedicate my time and effort for a job.

The conclusion here is Dato Seri, I pray no one becomes me. I adored you only to be shattered, disappointed and upset to have known the real you. You are a good politician, no denying that. But to some people like me, you were a hero. And you conveniently crushed it.

And before I bid farewell to you this time around, please stop acting like you are a reformist. A Mandela like figure. You were sacked from you post as DPM. You did not resign in protest or whatsoever like what a true reformist would have done. A true reformist would have resigned if whatever you claim about UMNO and BN is true now.

Pengakuan Yuktes Vijay, Peguam Kes Liwat II Anwar


  1. Zack says:

    Can’t anybody see that this asshole Yuktes Mayapan is a Danger., with mood swing like a car wiper . Next we will find that the person who is sitting next to be Missing forever. One should not get angry with UMNO, as obviously it needs Lunatics like Mahasewel MahaKartun MahaJuboh Iskander Kuti ibni MahaFiraun to steer itself forward. But UMNO should not resort to something which smells worse than excrements like Yuktes, a hopeless, lousy and an unworthy case. The Anwar team has been fortunately to get rid of this scum, as he is not interested in defending but spying all the way on his client in spite of the fact he is in the client’s payroll. This is the sort of treacherous game he plays.

  2. Zack says:

    I agree with Dr Jan the psychiatrist who is attending to Yuktes and this person never defends himself logically as he has no answer to Dr Jan’s cautionary words to the public. Yuktes has been exposed and probably prowling on someone most probably on successful ladies between the ages of 30-40 years so that he can leech on them to satisfy his immoral activities. UMNO has not paid him for his past services because Yuktes had only shot blanks at Anwar till now. He is trying to follow the footsteps of the more successful Anwar’s detractors like Nalakarpan and Chandra Muzafar but the real fact remains that this psycho will not reach the heights of the earlier forerunners as there were opportunities before in the mud slinging business, which was taken up by Ezam, Zulkifi Nordin and Zahrain to name a few. So Yuktes is just a pawn in UMNO’s game and sooner or later this psycho will find himself dumped in an unknown rubbish collection centre in the city with only flies around him. THIS IS THE SADEST PART OF THE MUD SLINGING business SUBCONTRACTED BY UMNO.

  3. Anonymas says:

    Saya baca kali kedua artikel ni. Fuck…Anwar ada hubungan dengan teroris. Habih la. Kalau dia tak puas hati, dia bleh mintak geng terror dia menyusup masuk, bomkan KLCC…

  4. moksuria says:

    TIBAI dan jangan CIBAI

    TIBAI – Tolak Insan Bernama Anwar Ibrahim
    CIBAI – Cintai Insan Bernama Anwar Ibrahim

    Yang mana anda pilih? Lu fikirlah sendiri

  5. James says:

    now.. the new video is leaked. n guess who?

  6. Run says:

    piece of trash. full of circuitous logic and . challenge najib at what he is good at, which is fulfilling promises? whose promises did najib fulfil? his friends and cronies., not mine.

    quoting renown indian commentator/media person, kononnya sah lah his sourses issit? When just two weeks ago we hit the global headlines where BN government paid global media people to bad mouth the opposition. and now , so called Philipino sources claiming anwar is the lahad datu ‘dalang’. another ‘reveal’ from such a credible media source right?

    really, are malaysians so stupid?

  7. Zapata says:


    Rakan-rakan rapat Anwar sudah lama sedar akan his true colors..ramai rakan rapatnya sudah sedar dan meminggirkannya..Ezam dan Nalla, mereka sanggup dipenjarakan sedikit masa dahulu semata-mata mahu membela Anwar..namun akhirnya meniggalkannya..Dr Chandra Muzaffar juga telah meniggalkan nya lebih awal lg..dan ramai lagi..

    Kenapa mereka yg bersama-sama didalm perjuangan awal Anwar telah meninggalkannya?Di mana silapnya?Apakah puncanya? Mari kita renungkan…

    Semoga umat Islam Malaysia kembali bersatu dan bersama memulihkan kembali maruah agama Islam yg tercalar..ameen

    • Utara Malaysia says:

      I fully agree with you. Now ALLAH SWT is slowly revealing one after another his true colours and his doomsday is reaching………..just wait a few more weeks his closet aide will spell out more and my sympathies to those who had all this while backing him up……….

  8. Zainuddin says:

    Terima kasih saya ucapkan kerani memberi pendedahan yang bagitu nyata. Peri kelakuan Anwar ini yang mungkin bersekongkol dengan “Pengganas” boleh menghancurkan negara yang tercinta ini..Syabas kpd sdr

  9. Mohd Taib Kamin says:

    Tahniah YV, satu pendedahan yang baik dan membantu ramai orang untuk mengenali Anwar Ibrahim. Saya tidak pernah menyokong Anwar Ibrahim selepas dia dipecat dari kerajaan dan UMNO. Saya tidak pernah menyalahkan Dr Mahathir kerana membawa Anwar Ibrahim kedalam UMNO. Itu kehendak Allah SWT dan mempunyai hikmah tersembunyi. Imbas kembali, selepas Anwar Ibrahim menyertai UMNO dan Kerajaan, tidak berlaku ‘kekecohan’ dan ini membolehkan Dr Mahathir mentadbir Malaysia dengan keadaan lebih selesa selama lebih 10 tahun tanpa ‘gangguan’. Akhirnya Malaysia dapat menjadi negara yang menuju kemajuan dalam pelbagai bidang. Selepas Anwar Ibrahim dipecat, satu episod baru bermula dengan Anwar Sendiri menjadi ‘kepala’ yang kononnya mahukan riformasi. Bermulah segala tipu ‘daya syaitan’ dalam pelbagai bentuk termasuk fitnah2 yang dilemparkan kepada kerajaan.

    Sesungguhnya Allah ASW Maha Mengetahwi. Segala fitnah dan perancangan jahat Anwar Ibrahim terbongkar satu persatu sehingga ketahap yang paling jijik pernah dilakukan oleh sesiapa pun di Malaysia sebelum ini. Anwar Ibrahim bukan sahaja bermoral paling jijik tetapi juga manusia paling hipokerit dalam dunia ini.

    Sekadar ingatan kepada YV, anda mesti kuat dengan segala cubaan yang bakal anda hadapi selepas ini. Percayalah anda akan menjadi bahan fitnah, dikaitkan dengan konspirasi dan sebagainya. Semoga anda terus kuat demi menegakan kebenaran.

  10. arbak says:

    Yuktes Vijay God bless you my brother. Wish many more people admit and speak the truth. I truly don’t comprehend WHY Wan Azizah and Nurul still refused to admit and except the truth. Allah itu MAHA MENGETAHUI satu demi satu kebenaran mula timbul. Ingatan kepada semua pengikut tegar Anwar JANGAN KAMU IKUT ANWAR MASUK NERAKA JAHANAM. Kembalilah kepada KEBENARAN kerna apa? KERNA ALLAH itu dipehak yang BENAR.

  11. ark says:

    Anwar Ibrahim… The Bastard Chameleon

  12. Neuron says:

    Wow bro it’s touching my heart . Thanks for your comments and write up

  13. Cicitkudin says:

    Thank God now that more and more people who had been mesmerised by the master chameleon’s forked-tougue and blinded by his deceit and falseness have come around to see the real self of a person so obsessed with politics and premiership. His audacity to withstand self-inflicted public shame and odium is unparalelled in modern history. No liberal minded and even godless Western politician could rival him at his ability to prod on the play acting despite being saddled with the burden of moral embarrasment and ignomity. This highly politically-intoxicated aging creature would even sell off the entire planet to invading aliens to realise his cherished dreams. Just observe how he orgasmises in self gratification and vanity on the political stage by the shower of admiration and awe of impressionable and gullible followers and supporters. May God save us from evil.

  14. Parti Keadilancaukan Rakyat says:

    Thanks to Yuktes Vijay for revealing the truth. As a an advice to YV start to prepare yourself from all angle of fanatics supporters. Good luck! Be strong comrade!

  15. comolot says:

    anwar mmg dah takde apa2 lagi..dia masih bernyawa sebab adanya penyokong2 PR yang bahlol & buta hati

  16. IZ Ghazali says:


    He is a VERY SICK MAN indeed – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, and EVIL in every way. Some say he has actually sold his soul to the devil himself, literally, in exchange for a worldly position.

    His complete obsession to become the next prime minister of the country has seen him resorting to all sorts of DESTRUCTIVE ways to ensure that no-one and nothing stands in his way.

    We can understand the desire to become one if Malaysia is like the US, the richest and most powerful nation on the surface of the earth. The reality is Malaysia is not, which leads us to the conclusion that we are all dealing with A NUT CASE, one who should be locked away, committed to some mental asylum somewhere far away…


  17. sman says:

    Kalau aku jadi Nuar,bila baca apa yg di tulis oleh Yuktes ni,sebulan tak lalu makan,nak tengok muka dlm cermin pun terasa malu,nak jumpa orng pun lagi sekali malu, jumpa penyokong alahai lagilah malunya ,malu semalu-malunya,rasa macam ada taik merata-rata di muka.Itu Nuar sendiri,kalau aku masih jadi pengikut Nuar,pun aku malu.Mujurlah aku dah sedar penipuan dan lakunannya lebih setahun yg lalu,selamatlah dari malu.

    • WakKang says:

      Nuar mana ada perasaan malu!! …belalainya tergantung gantung dalam internet dia tak kisah pun, malah bangga!..dia dah jadi porn star!!!

      • Gabriel Al Iman says:

        Betul tu, yang sedih nya masih banyak juga yang nak menyokong belalai bengkok yang terjuntai tu. Batang berjuntai pun dah tukar nama, Anwar bila nak clearkan nama dia dari video cinadoll tu. Pihak Kerajaan atau Pihak penguasa dah bukti kan video tu Ori (Pakar oversea lagi, Amrika pulak tu), bila pula Anwar atau CIA atau Unit Amal nak sangkal bahawa video tu palsu? Hadi dah tak boleh fikir, kerana nak sangat kuasa terus cakap tu tak boleh pakai, video adalah besi. Hebat nya Anwar ni, dia boleh buat orang jadi bodoh & dungu je. Tak kira lah Hadi, Nik Ajis, Lim Kit Siang ……. ada pakai kot?

  18. Latino says:

    I am not sure how authentic the letter from Yuktes Vijay is.. With so much cross fire in the cyber world, there are too many half truth. The bigger problem would be people might be holding on to the wrong half !

    If there is any truth in what has been posted by AIDC, I hope Yuktes Vijay can come clean and exposed Anwar Ibrahim for the person he truly is. Unlike Yuktes, I never admired Anwar even though he is an excellent orator ( that is the only thing he is good at!). Hitler and Sukarno were good speakers but look at where they led their countries to.

    I just hope and pray that Malaysia will NEVER be led by people with the likes of Anwar Ibrahim. The biggest mistake Tun Mahathir made was by admitting a moron like Anwar into UMNO. I am sure Tun has regretted his action.

  19. Anonymas says:

    “please stop acting like you are a reformist.”


    apa yang dia nak reform? tukar apa?

    • HAMSOR says:

      nak tukar apa lagi?? semua dah ok sgt2..dia sendiri yg patut reform i.e. jgn main bontot lagi !!

      • WakKang says:

        ….takut seleranya kelain la pulak!!! Maklumlah, selera dia tu selera syaitan! Bukan lagi binatang!! Lembu kambing pun tau bila nak menyondol, dia akan cari betina dan sondol ditempatnya yg betul walaupun tak nampak!

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