Muslim Spring against the US, a Jewish play by Soros?

Apanama – Its an anti-American Muslim Spring – sweeping through Middle East and spreading to the African continent.

This anti-American uprisings are in fact building up all around the world with growing protests and condemnation following Israeli Jew filmmaker Sam Bacile’s controversial movie that reportedly insults Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

“The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.

Bacile, a California real estate developer who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam’s flaws to the world.”

So, an Israeli Jew who is an American citizen has claimed credit for the movie which triggered this latest Arab Spring against Americans.

Just concerned if rogue Jewish currency trader George Soros, who funds anti-government NGOs in Malaysia, had also funded this controversial movie against Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Soros is known to have bankrolled many Jewish filmmakers in the past, quite a number of them bent on wiping out Islam and Muslims from the face of earth.

Muslims too are often portrayed as terrorists in such Jew-funded/directed movies.

This may just be another of the rogue manipulator’s ways of destabilising the Muslim world… creating a volatile atmosphere where he could ply his trade. Never mind all the mess and lost of innocent lives.

His eyes would most certainly be fixed on the Presidential elections too.

The Arab Spring against Americans is spiraling out of control and would soon transform into a Muslim Spring.

A Muslim Spring would once again pit Islam against the rest of the world, and the proxies would fight the battle for their master.

Is Georgy Soros the paymaster?

p/s Wonder if Suaram people are also into movie-making now, after their long drawn no-its-not-me drama.

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  1. Lim Lynn

    Sep 17. 2012
    0:26 Call for beheading those who insulted Islam. Wow is it extreme Muslim easily manipulated to react.

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  2. Lim Lynn

    Sep 16. 2012
    Magariaf’s interview with NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin was the first time any Libyan official has said foreigners were involved in the planning and execution of the Tuesday night attack that took the lives of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others.

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  3. naw

    Sep 16. 2012

    What ‘freedom of speech’ or the act of freedom to insult Muslims? Dont blame Muslims who also acted for freedom…!

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  4. Lim Lynn

    Sep 16. 2012

    CIA M16 Mossad Vatican Jesuit Mormon Freemason George Soros and Saudi Arabian Royal Family may profit when people murdered and countries destroyed.
    October surprise to “Carterize” Obama, by Webster G. Tarpley.
    Tarpley writes:

    The networks involved in this operation appear to be these:

    CIA Mormon Mafia
    Featuring top officials across the US intelligence community who are members of Romney’s tightly-knit sect.

    This group can also be referred to as the Brent Scowcroft faction.
    Nelson Rockefeller, Brent Scowcroft (a Mormon), and William Colby

    Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger’s right-hand man, used his entrenched bureaucratic position over decades to help promote many of his co-religionists.

    This group wants Romney in the White House because Romney and his transition team boss Mike Leavitt, also a Mormon, are visibly embarked on a policy of favoring Mormons for top positions.

    On Sept. 14, Google rejected an appeal by the Obama White House to remove the controversial film worldwide.

    As Wired magazine noted on May 11, 2012, “former National Security Agency chief Mike McConnell told theWashington Post that collaboration between the NSA (National Security Agency) and private companies like Google was ‘inevitable,’” and has been widely reported since January 2010.

    So Google’s refusal to cooperate with Obama tells us about the views of the NSA, and speaks volumes about which presidential candidate the intelligence community is backing.

    The Netanyahu Likud

    During the past week, the reactionary Israeli Prime Minister has intervened blatantly and outrageously in US election-year politics in the attempt to secure the election of Mitt Romney, with whom he has been joined at the hip since the two worked together at the Boston Consulting Group in 1976…

    US Neocons

    The pro-Israeli neocons of the Bush-Cheney era have attached themselves to Romney as their main hope of getting back into power.

    This group includes John Bolton (the likely Secretary of State if Romney wins), Eliot Cohen, Robert Kagan, Robert Joseph, and Dan Senor (who now tells vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan what to say about foreign policy)…

    Bolton took a leading role in trying to turn the Stevens assassination against Obama this past week…

    Bolton warned particularly that a new hostage crisis would replay the “destruction of the Jimmy Carter administration,” this time at Obama’s expense. (Politico, Sept. 13)

    Cairo protests, with Osama bin Mossad.
    Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the Saudi Arabian royal family

    This group would likely prefer Romney to Obama.
    Since the Saudi royals are the paymasters for the majority of the death squads now operating in the Middle East, including Libya and Syria, their support would be valuable in organizing operations like the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens…

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  5. Peniaga Warung

    Sep 15. 2012

    No doubt there’s a hidden agenda behind all this act, i agree it came from some underground movement, either jewish or jesuit movement as aidc state before. Maybe this is apart of islamophobia plan focusing to create a bad perception in Islamic world especially for conservative/extremist muslim country who can be describe as the ‘Western/Israel Enemy’. So this is our jihad now. Islamic world must reunite and tell to the world we will fight for our rights, we’re not gonna war against the nation but an evil movement.
    Panas gua sial..!

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  6. Lim Lynn

    Sep 15. 2012

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