Anwar Ibrahim Says Homosexuals Will Be Discriminated

ffrreeddiiee – The Malaysian Insider says, “Anwar agrees to discrimination against gays to protect sanctity of marriage” –

To defence lawyer Datuk Firoz Hussein s question of “Should we discriminate against homosexuals?” Anwar answered Yes.

Rewind when “Anwar sparks FB debate on LGBT rights” –

Seksualiti Merdeka, a group dedicated to fighting for Malaysian LGBT rights, posted a chat thread between Anwar and Yahoo! readers today, during which Anwar was asked if LGBTs would not be discriminated againstif Pakatan were to take Putrajaya, considering Islamist party PAS would be part of the federal government.

We recognise the importance of family and the institution of marriage. But we should not unduly harass or discriminate others.The answer is through education and PAS accepts this view,” was Anwar’s answer.

Anwar Ibrahim at his typical and vintage best.

No worries gay gals and guys, Anwar Ibrahim will clarify matters in due course.

And screw you Hillary Clinton.

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