Anwar Ibrahim – A wannabe Malaysian PM that will protect Israel

Jebat Must Die – “I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel”, said Mr. Anwar –

That’s what Anwar Ibrahim said in an interview with Wall Street Journal when asked what would Malaysia, a Muslim-majority nation’s relationship with Israel would be if he were elected as Prime Minister

The article asked a lot of thing ranging from his opinion about the appeal made by the prosecutors over his acquittal of the sodomy charges, his agenda as the would be Prime Minister, all the way to reforming the sodomy laws which he deemed as ‘archaic’.

But the fact that he supports all efforts to protect the security of Israel is paramount in understanding the psyche of Anwar Ibrahim. Will we have a Prime Minister that will do his utmost best in securing Israel’s future?

The unfortunate reality of his statement is this – since when the state of Israel is being threatened which precipitates him to decide that Malaysia must support the efforts to protect it?

That is very telling indeed. When Malaysia in the past 6 decades had lent support to secure Palestinian’s sovereignty and security, Anwar Ibrahim will take the other way around.

Israel is a current reality that Anwar could have missed, can protect itself without Malaysia lending a helping hand; whether morally or financially.

It is the plight of fellow Muslims in the Palestine that needs our support.

Anwar Ibrahim however stop short his support of Israel by not saying he will open a diplomatic ties with Israel. But judging from this initial stand, nothing should be a surprise for us Malaysians.

Malaysia has consistently refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, although limited commercial ties exist between private companies in the two countries. That might change if Anwar Ibrahim is at the helm.

He remarked on the affirmative policy as well.

If elected, he said he would speed up the removal of racial quotas for university places and focus on helping lower-income groups regardless of race instead of solely aiding ethnic Malays.

Since when the government is solely aiding the Malays only? That is highly inflammatory and of course, misleading. The fact that he plays with racial sentiment over something which is not true and telling it to the world which tarnishes the country’s image makes him seditious and malicious.

His stand on sodomy laws is also unfathomable. He reaffirmed his stand that ”it is not his business to attack people or arrest people based on their sexual orientation”.

Yes, Malaysia does not attack or arrest people over their sexual orientation.

But there are laws that can be used if the victim is sodomised and wants to report it to the authority. That will protect the victims.

Which part of the sodomy laws that Anwar wants to amend? That victims cannot report to the police?

Two homosexuals can have their sexual relationship under the Malaysian sun without ever getting arrested. Unless of course, they are doing it in public or one of them cited rape etc. Same-sex marriage is of course prohibited under the Malaysian laws. The last time I check, it is even prohibited in most parts of the world.

Even in the US, there are laws against sodomy. The fact is and this is very important; Anwar is not in the correct state of mind to lead this nation.

The baggage he is carrying, his extreme need to coddle the West, his dictatorial and megalomaniac tendencies over his own party will not help him to provide the best for us Malaysians.

The full article can be read here

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