Mislina Mustaffa : Occupy Dataran, Freedom & Bela Anjing

AIDCNews – 11/09/12 – Masih ingat lagi wanita berwatakan ekstrim, berkepala botak, pakai baju t-shirt, berseluar pendek dan merokok ketika menyertai ‘Occupy Dataran’ berkhemah di Dataran Merdeka, April lalu ?

Namanya Mislina Mustaffa, simbol wanita yang memperjuangkan ‘freedom’ atau kebebasan yang kini sering diperjuangkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Bukan secara kebetulan, Anwar juga hadir menziarahi peserta ‘Occupy Dataran’, walaupun tidak sepatutnya dilakukan oleh seorang Ketua Pembangkang.

Istilah ‘Occupy’ merupakan istilah baru yang merujuk kepada gerakan masyarakat sivil (civil society) yang berdemonstrasi di Zuccotti Park, Pusat Kewangan Wall Street, New York.

Anwar melawat peserta Ocuppy di Dataran Merdeka

Kebanyakan media alternatif Barat menuduh penyangak mata wang Yahudi, George Soros mendalangi aktiviti ‘Occupy’ dengan menaja melalui yayasannya, Open Society Institute (OSI) untuk merealisasikan cita-citanya untuk mewujudkan ‘open society‘ atau masyarakat terbuka.

“Sebuah masyarakat yang bukan-autoritarian.. Kebebasan politik dan hak asasi manusia adalah asas masyarakat terbuka…Kemanusiaan, kesaksamaan dan kebebasan politik adalah ciri-ciri asas masyarakat yang terbuka..Sebuah masyarakat yang terbuka dikaitkan dengan pluralisme agama dan budaya, ia sentiasa terbuka kepada perubahan kerana ilmu tidak pernah selesai dan sentiasa berterusan.” lapor wikipedia ‘Open Society‘.

Seperti yang diterjemahkan melalui Occupy Dataran, Mislina menterjemahkan lagi makna kehidupan kebebasan.

“Berbeza dengan hidup saya sekarang ini, rasa seperti bebas dan lebih mengenali masyarakat Malaysia di mana mereka ini sering dinilai oleh segelintir pihak yang bersifat prejudis,” katanya kepada Mstar yang menegaskan kehidupan seperti itu membuka mata dan fikirannya bahawa gelandangan lebih menyeronokkan berbanding dengan kehidupan biasa di mana kebanyakan wanita memiliki matlamat tersendiri seperti ingin memiliki rumah, berkahwin dan berkeluarga.

Kini, mynewshub melanjutkan lagi makna kebebasan yang dipraktikkan Mislina.

Portal itu mendedahkan Mislina bermain dengan anjing kesayangannya bernama ‘Atan’ yang kejar mengejar di taman (lihat rakaman video di sebelah).

“Adakah Mislina Mustaffa produk pluralisme agama yang dikaitkan dengan salah seorang pemimpin utama pembangkang?,” soal portal itu.

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  1. Warisatuliman2011

    Oct 05. 2012

    Langsung tak nampak dia ni berfikiran waras dan bijak. Biarkanlah dia pilih jalan hidup dia sendiri. Dia yg akan tanggung risikonya kelak, dunia dan akhirat. Salam.

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  2. ross

    Oct 04. 2012

    kesian kat mak bapak dia…

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  3. Lim Lynn

    Oct 04. 2012

    Google Guy Fawkes images
    Similar shape of the eye, nose, cheeks, mustache eye brows
    Similar to Anonymous mask.
    V for Vendetta Jesuit Guy Fawkes
    Gunpowder plot against King James I [England Scotland] and VI [England Ireland] (if it became successful in the past) after he was executed.

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  4. Lim Lynn

    Sep 14. 2012


    No Room For Resisters
    The CRC brings this interfaith agenda right into our homes and schools. Following the UN pattern, its promised “rights” are reserved for those who embrace its socialist, anti-Christian values. The Preamble sets the stage:

    “Considering that the child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society, and brought up in the spirit of the ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, and in particular in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity…”

    Each of the CRC Articles listed below either opens the door to justify action by the State, or to impose global values as a replacement to Bible standards.

    ARTICLE 3. “…ensure that the institutions, services and facilities responsible for the care or protection of children shall conform with the standards established by competent authorities…”

    ARTICLE 9. “…a child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will, except when competent authorities subject to judicial review determine, in accordance with applicable law and procedures, that such separation is necessary for the best interests of the child…” Might faith in God’s unchanging Truth be considered incompatible with those “best interests”?

    ARTICLE 12. “…assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.”

    ARTICLE 17. “States Parties recognize the important function performed by the mass media and shall ensure that the child has access to information and material from a diversity of national and international sources, especially those aimed at the promotion of his or her social, spiritual and moral well-being and physical and mental health. To this end, States Parties shall…
    (c) Encourage the production and dissemination of children’s books…
    (e) Encourage the development of appropriate guidelines for the protection of the child from information and material injurious to his or her well-being.”

    Since the goal is change – establishing a New World Order – any hindrance to that vision is already censored in public schools. The Globalist Elite have no tolerance for the America we have treasured!

    The Marxist Practice of PRAXIS
    But there’s more to this manipulation. The path to pluralism calls for a strategic blend of group consensus [an evolving THEORY] and collective PRACTICE: active immersion into a community with diverse social and moral values. Such “service-learning” has become a norm in schools, colleges, and service organizations everywhere.

    Based on Hegelian dialectics, Marxist ideology, and Antonio Gramsci’s gradualism, this manipulative process spread around the world during the 20th century. Its blend of an evolving consensus or THEORY and collective PRACTICE would be called PRAXIS. It would seal the new lessons in “open” minds, while undermining all forms of traditional certainties. It would shift the public mindset from the solid rock of Truth and facts to the shifting sands of collective opinion.

    Karl Marx first mentioned PRAXIS in 1844. According to the double-speak of the Encyclopedia of Marxism, it’s “just another word for practice in the sense in which practice is understood by Marxists.” And according to various Marxist documents, Marx saw it as the continual interaction of “theory-and-practice, in which neither theory nor practice are intelligible in isolation from the other.”19

    In other words, the group must continually confirm its evolving theories with corresponding practice. Its members must be ready to compromise for the sake of consensus (the evolving THEORY), and then PRACTICE its new views through some kind of group action or service – followed by a time of group REFLECTION. The process is repeated again and again, ad infinitum.

    The Marxist change agents behind this transformation are too numerous to list, but behavioral psychologist Kurt Lewin gives us a simple formula. Linked to infamous psychological research institutes in London (Tavistock) and Germany (Frankfurt Institute), Lewin moved to America when Hitler began his reign. His influence spread through MIT and other universities, then paved the way for “sensitivity training” and the formation of National Training Laboratories that would prepare transformational tactics and textbooks for public schools.

    Redefining Rights and Freedom
    The 10-year old girl mentioned earlier illustrates a battle that has raged in Germany since the days of Hitler: Should parents have the right and authority to raise their children according to their Christian faith? The Convention on the Rights of the Child was designed to end that right in America and elsewhere. Of course, in modern Germany, parents never had such a right:

    “A critical hearing is scheduled in Germany in that nation’s war against homeschoolers to determine whether a family can continue to control the education of its high-performing son, 14. …the Schmidts have been fined about $18,300 for homeschooling, and since they are unable to pay all of the fines, they have been subjected to a government lien on their home. ‘Testing [of] both children showed that they have extraordinary academic abilities… The tests also showed the children to be socially competent. This is critical as the Germans still hold to the disproven belief that homeschool children are socially retarded.’…

    “Several hundred families are believed to be homeschooling in Germany. Virtually all are in some type of court proceeding or living underground. One family even fled to the U.S…

    “…one of the first acts by Adolf Hitler when he moved into power was to create the governmental Ministry of Education and give it control of all schools and school-related issues… In 1937, the dictator said, ‘…we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age… And this new Reich… will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing’.”25

    Lewin outlined his program with a 3-step formula:

    • UNFREEZING minds: Questioning the old ways through facilitated dialogue, peer pressure, and group “experience” – real or imagined.

    • MOVING the students to the new level: Using cognitive dissonance (mental, moral and emotional confusion), peer pressure, and manipulated consensus to loyalties from the old ways and to the new.

    • FREEZING group minds on the new level: The new views become the norm. They feel good! The old views become offensive as well as wrong!34

    For the students, the transition back to reality – to home, family and normal life – was painful. For some it was lethal.

    “When I came back home, I sort of wrote a suicide note to myself,” confessed LeAndrew Crawford. “Not actually wanting to kill myself, but wanting to kill the reality of what society had been teaching me for so long… I was totally down, because my family just didn’t feel like my family… I didn’t want to be back.” [See footnote 33]

    Brandon Hawk did kill himself within a year. Hearing about his death, other concerned parents contacted Brandon’s parents.

    “They see the same thing in their kids that we saw in Brandon,” the father explained. “They just sort of walk off and leave the family.” [See footnote 33]

    But Brandon wasn’t the only one who chose death rather than life. After the third suicide, the Joint Interim Education Committee of the Arkansas legislature held hearings that exposed some of the problems. Perhaps the most revealing testimony came from Brandon’s mother, who read from her son’s log. In his first entry, he wrote,

    “‘Moms are the best people around, and my mom is the best mom on earth.’ But three weeks later, he wrote: ‘My mom is so closed minded I feel like we will have a standoff soon over issues.’ And his final entry stated: ‘After I came back from the [three day, July 4] break, my friends and I could tell that we had suddenly been transformed into free thinkers’.” [See footnote 33]

    Another mother testified that, “My son came back from Governor’s School and his favorite line was ‘There are no absolutes; there are no absolutes.” [See footnote 33]

    It didn’t take long to change the students’ minds and hearts, did it? Yet few teachers or parents are aware of this subversive agenda.

    Back in 1982, Professor Benjamin Bloom, an internationally known behaviorist, defined “good teaching” as “challenging the students’ fixed beliefs and getting them to discuss issues.”35 (Sounds like Kurt Lewin, doesn’t it?) He added,

    “The evidence collected thus far suggests that a single hour of classroom activity under certain conditions may bring about a major reorganization in cognitive as well as affective (attitudes, values and beliefs) behaviors.”36

    The most revealing evidence that this scheme really “works” comes from those who participated in the Clinton’s Governor’s School. In light of today’s rapid changes, it makes sense to remember their testimonies as recorded in the documentary video titled The Guiding Hand:


    “For the six weeks … they are not allowed to go home except for July the Fourth. They are discouraged from calling home…. They can receive mail but they are encouraged to have as little contact with the outside world as possible.” (Shelvie Cole, Brandon’s mother)

    “I felt that I needed not to talk about it. I don’t know why. Maybe because we were supposed to stay here and the fact that we couldn’t leave… No one… who had gone before would talk to me about it.” (Kelli Wood, former student)

    The “effectiveness” of such mandatory separation may help explain why (1) educational change agents want to put 3-year-olds in pre-school programs and (2) why “Obama says American kids spend too little time in school.”37

    2. EMPHASIZE FEELING-CENTERED (affective, not cognitive) TEACHING:

    “Rather than learning what 2 and 2 equals, they would be asked what they feel about 2+2. Right now we have a move going on in our Arkansas schools called restructuring, where they are trying to get away from more objective, substantive learning into this subjective area of feelings.” (Mark Lowery)

    “You would think that there would be some academic challenges… getting ready for college… The main textbook that I remember from there is a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and the book is totally Hindu religion defined.” (Steve Roberts, former student)


    The next quote fits Bill Clinton’s experience. He was selected as a potential future leader – a Rhodes scholar – worthy of the required indoctrination:

    “I think the whole intent of the Governor’s School in taking 350 – 400 students per summer, is to pick out the four, five or six students that could be political leaders and then to mold their minds in this more liberal and humanistic thinking… [T]o be considered intellectual…you have to be a liberal thinker…” (Mark Lowery, former director)

    “They’re bringing a political agenda in the guise of academic excellence… It was something that was well orchestrated, well organized, it was mind-bending and manipulative.” (Steve Roberts)

    “Prominent themes promoted by this school include radical homosexuality, socialism, pacifism and a consistent hostility toward Western civilization and culture, especially Biblical foundations.” (Jeoffrey Botkin)


    “You could dress just about any way you want. We had almost naked people. It was real liberal… an awful lot of cursing.” (Mike Oonk, former student)

    “The students… say, ‘This is the perfect place. I never want to go home.’ I caught myself saying that several times.” (Mike Oonk) [See footnote 33]

    Indoctrinating students with diverse beliefs, socialist values, utopian dreams, and idealized love leads to deception, disillusionment, corruption and chaos. But that fits the battle plan for global transformation just fine. Today’s change agents need chaos and crisis to justify their oppressive action. Not only does it unravel the old social order, it gives an illusion of newfound freedom – from family values as well moral restrains.38

    “It would be impossible for me to describe to you just how exciting and unusual this educational adventure is,” said Bill Clinton. [See footnote 33]

    It wasn’t exciting for re-programmed students who returned home. But that problem may soon be resolved. Through “service-learning” and other long-term re-learning projects, today’s students can stay rooted in the new environment – even if they sleep at home.

    This is where we are headed, dear friends! During this last year, three students at a top-rated high school in California committed suicide – one of the many consequences of today’s emotional confusion. One evening, as desperate parents met with school officials to seek solutions, a fourth student attempted suicide at the nearest railroad crossing. He was pulled off the track seconds before the train thundered down the track.39

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  5. enamkay

    Sep 12. 2012

    Mcm ada yang tak kena dgn betina ni, mungkin ujian air kencing dpt membantu.

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  6. Pusing2

    Sep 12. 2012

    Lagi banyak dia bercakap, lagi terserlah kebodohannya… Moga Allah beri hidayah kepada beliau untuk kembali ke jalan yang benar.

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  7. Ahmad Ali Karim

    Sep 11. 2012

    Orang ini sokong Occupy dan Bersih dan saya rasa dia sokong PR. Liberal asal dari ‘Liberty’ (freedom). Dia suka kebebasan sampai dia rasa boleh bebas faham Islam cara yang dia nak. Ini contoh liberalism, macam Irshad Manji. Inikah yang orang nak bila orang Melayu nak kebebasan dan sokong PR yang promote kebebasan? Mungkin dia pun sokong pluralism agama. Ini sangat tak elok kerana liberalism dan pluralism boleh rosakkan akidah. Kesian kalau orang lain ikut macam ini.

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