PRU 13 : Pesanan Persekutuan Kristian Malaysia – ‘Pilih Kerajaan Kebebasan Beragama’

Helen Ang – Persekutuan Kristian Malaysia (CFM) mengedarkan sepucuk surat bertarikh 18 Julai 2012 kepada gereja-gereja dan penganut Kristian seluruh negara berhubung pilihanraya umum ke-13 akan datang.

Surat yang ditulis atas nama Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing, pengerusi Christian Federation of Malaysia, menyeru umat Kristian agar “mengundi dengan bijak”.

Ia boleh dibaca dalam bahasa Melayu di sini — CFM/BM

Versi bahasa Inggeris discreenshot di bawah dari laman National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF).

Surat itu menuntut supaya pemilih mengundi sebuah kerajaan yang akan membentuk

(“Sebuah negara di mana kebebasan agama merangkumi kebebasan untuk menganut, mengamal dan menyebarkan agama di mana ia dibenarkan berkembang tanpa sebarang pembatasan yang tidak wajar dari undang-undang, penegahan ataupun larangan.”)

Bishop’s letter: Christians beating around the bush

You want, you ask upfront, direct and straightforward lah.

Continues from yesterday’s posting, ‘Pesanan Persekutuan Kristian M’sia kepada gereja-gereja berhubung PRU’. Please revert for url link, pdf and screenshot of Bishop Ng Moon Hing’s letter to Malaysian churches and the country’s Christians.

The Bishop interprets the Bible’s message regarding the duty of a Christian. He asserts that “Christians have not only been granted rights of leadership but also the responsibility of stewardship (of the Earth)”.

And that’s why even though Chinese Christians are a minority and Buddhists are the Chinese majority in Malaysia, yet it is the Christians who lead the community. There! Mystery solved.

The reason is not because Buddhists are less bossy. The real reason is because God granted his Christians “the rights of leadership”.

Bishop Ng cites the following verses in the Bible (Matthew, chapter 5, verses 13-15):

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Imagine if we were to take verse 13 and replace the word ‘salt’ with the word ‘BN’.

“But if the BN loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”


Two verses preceding the ‘salt of the earth’ verse is Matthew, chapter 5, verse 11:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, 
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Righteousness” is Hannah Yeoh’s favourite word. Her blog slogan is “Righteousness exalts a nation”.

Whining about “persecution” kinda reminds me of Chan Lilian (Lim Guan Eng’s special officer) who tweeted about persecuted Christians and who was questioned twice by the police in their investigation into her possible sedition.

The succeeding verses in Matthew extort Christians to be “righteous” (chapter 5, verses 16-20). The preacher sounds like a politician and the politician sounds like a preacher. In some specimens, you get 2-in-1.

And here is the Bishop holding a Bersih T-shirt … he claims in his letter that “CFM (of which he is chairman) is not politically motivated nor is it endorsing any one political party”.

Wink and nudge.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia comprises:

  1. National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF)
  2. Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM)
  3. Roman Catholic Church

“In terms of our vision for a better Malaysia, CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priorities — A nation guided by the ethics of respect for human dignity.

Cross refer to Lim Guan Eng whose Malaysian First speech said, ‘“DAP submits that being Malaysian should depend on certain universal values we share and subscribe, focusing particularly on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity.”

The CFM letter also uses the words “democracy, freedom, justice” – but okay lah, after all the Bishop and the DAP sec-gen are both hostage to the same white man tradition.

And to the stock-in-trade words employed in motherhood statements. Other stock Christian phrases include “we’re all brothers and sisters”, “we’re full of love” (but ya’all, unlike us, are only full of hate and venom), “we’re one people”, “everyone are children of God”, yadda, yadda.

Bishop Ng encourages Christians “to use the power of the vote to elect a government that will ensure justice with equity and the well-being of our nation”.

In terms of their vision for a better Malaysia, CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priority:

  • A nation where extremism of all kinds is rejected and quickly curtailed. Racial and religious bigotry, manipulation and lies that have now come to define the social sphere, the print media and political posturing must end immediately.

Allow me to fill in the blanks. “Racial bigotry” — reject Umno! — “manipulation and lies that have now come to define the social sphere — curtail BTN! “”manipulation and lies that have now come to define the print media” — Ganyang Utusan!

CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priority:

  • “A nation free of corruption” — ABU! ABU! ABU! — “putting in place strengthened state and public institutions whose members conduct themselves with integrity,transparency and accountability“. SelC-A-T (Competency, Accountability, Transparency).

CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priority:

  • A nation that works towards the fair and equitable distribution of wealth and ensuring well-being for all, regardless of citizenship status, ethnicity or creed.

“Regardless of ethnicity” (?) Just like Papa and Mama DAPSter browbeating how everybody must be colour blind and beyond race just as their Firster children are.

CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priority:

  • Every citizen and every community should be empowered and enabled to pursue economic activity and achieve advancement duly and fairly supported by the government where needed and necessary without favour or discrimination and without being overly or unfairly supported by the state.

Sounds to me like a call to do away with the NEP.

CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priority:

  • A nation where language and education are de-linked from political expedience.

Yessss, let’s bring back English and mission schools!!

9 Responses to “PRU 13 : Pesanan Persekutuan Kristian Malaysia – ‘Pilih Kerajaan Kebebasan Beragama’”

  1. Roslee

    Apr 26. 2013

    Ya Allaahu robbi yang Maha Esa dan Berkuasa berilah kemenangan yang paling besar pada Parti BN dan kekalkanlah kuasa orang Melayu Islam di Malaysia hingga hari Kiamat.Janganlah engkau beri kemenangan pada Parti Pembangkang melainkan kekalahan yang teruk.

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  2. mkcy

    Jul 29. 2012

    Suka aku sekiranya PRU13 kali ini puak ini menang dan dalam tempoh 5 tahun memerintah dengan sokongan puak kafirin PAS kita dapat lihat bersama kehancuran negara Islam Malaysia. Aku jugak teringin nak dengar apa kata Raja kepada segala Setan Tuan Guru Wali Terumpah Nik Najis dalam hal ini. Setan tua ini lebih rela melihat kejatuhan BN atau UMNO secara amnya dalam cara apa sekali pun. Insyallah perkara sebegini tidak dapat dielakan lagi dan sepatutnya berlaku kerana ianya akan memenuhi dan membenarkan tentang ramalan yang khiamat semakin hampir – wallahualam

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  3. Lim Lynn

    Jul 28. 2012
    Syria Embassy already close and WW3 starting.

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  4. warisatuliman2011

    Jul 28. 2012

    A.w.w. friends and countrymen. C’mmon, wakeup dear fellow Muslims. We have been drugged with false friendship and partnership by the enemy of Allah s.w.t. and Rasulullah s.a.w. in running the country. Those kafirun-musyrikun-munafikun will NEVER want to live in peace and harmony with Muslims and would do everything possible to wrest control of the country with the help of their sponsors and supporters abroad, even to the extent of pretending to be loyal under the pretext of religious tolerence, freedom and democracy. But their ultimate aim is to deny us our right as the masters of this country and with the help of some local traitors, they are pitting the Malays and Muslims against each other. Hopefully, this wake up call will help us reinvent our unity and brotherhood for the sake of our future, insya-Allah. Salam.

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  5. Cicitkudin

    Jul 27. 2012

    Puak Dajjal mata satu sebenarnya bukannya minat sangat dengan Tuhan dan agama. Mereka ini lebih berminat kepada harta benda yang akhir-akhir ini menunjukkan nafsu besar untuk memiliki kuasa bagi meneruskan agenda mengumpul harta benda di dunia khususnya Malaysia. Mereka ini amat bijak mengkaji Perlembagaan dan tahu asas-asas kuasa Melayu Islam yg terkunci kukuh dalam undang-undang tubuh negara ini. Mereka sedar kedudukan mantap Islam Melayu hanya boleh dilemahkan dari segi perundangan sekiranya sebahagian daripada Melayu atau Bumiputera tidak lagi Islam. Kalau mereka boleh dikristiankan lagi lagi lah baik bagi tujuan dan agenda mereka.
    Pada era ini, agama Kristianlah yang dilihat oleh puak Dajjal Mata Satu ini agama yg boleh membantu mereka mencapai agenda mereka. Mereka tahu bahwa tradisi orang Melayu mesti berpedoman hidup kpd agama. Nilai-nilai orang Melayu kebanyakannya adalah berasas dan bersumber dari agama. Berlainan dari puak Dajjal Mata Satu ini nilai-nilai mereka bersumber dan berasaskan kepada budaya hidup mereka apa pun boleh buat asalkan mendatangkan uang. Kenapa Kristian dipilih? Kerana agama ini dianuti oleh kuasa Barat yg sedia memberi bantuan kewangan, bantuan moral dan bantuan politik menerusi beratus-ratus NGO mereka. Orang Barat pun mempunyai agenda yg sama kerana kebanyakan daripada mereka pun adalah dari keturunan Dajjal Mata Satu. Cerita akhir zaman membabitkan Islam Melayu ini menjadi kisah sedih amat menyayat hati kerana orang-orang Islam Melayu yg kononnya bergelar ulama PAS pura-pura tidak tahu tentang kebangkitan Dajjal Mata Satu. Malahan mereka sanggup tidur sebantal dengan Dajjal. Mereka tergamak menyisihkan saudara seagama mereka dari UMNO yg ulama mereka cap lebih hina dari puak Dajjal mata Satu. Kita berdoa agar Allah SWT memberi keinsafatan kepada mereka dan kembali cepat ke pangkal jalan sebelum PRU13 dan gagalkan agenda Dajjal anak haram bejadah di Malaysia.

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  6. Cicitkudin

    Jul 27. 2012

    Pemimpin dan ulama-ulama PAS, semata-mata kerana kuasa, pura-pura tak tahu agenda Kristian China di Malaysia yang telah menyerap ke dalam parti-parti Cina seperti DAP dan beberapa parti Cina lain. PKR dan penasihat mereka dah lama tahu tapi adakah mereka kesah?. Kepada orang Islam Melayu anda tentu tahu kita wajib menolak politik mereka. Kita WAJIB memberitahu setiap Islam Melayu yg belum sedar tentang agenda Kristian China. Kita bukannya memusuhi mereka atau sesiapa tetapi kita sebagai Islam Melayu wajib mempertahankan hak-hak kita yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan.

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  7. Right2Differ

    Jul 27. 2012

    This makes Christians a national security threat out to dethrone the Government, spread their blasphemous lies and lives to Muslims and appoint themselves as vicegerents on Earth with the intervention from foreign NGOs..

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  8. usinlempoyang

    Jul 27. 2012


    Perkara sebegini lah yang menjadi agenda tersembunyi puak-puak musuh Islam. PAS dan Melayu/Islam dalam PKR bukan tak sedar. Sedar!. Tapi nak buat apa..demi nafsu dan cita-cita, tidak mengapa…asalkan matlamat menghalalkan cara.

    Mari kita renungkan bait-bait doa Tuan Guru Nik Aziz yang kononnya dibacakan dengan latarbelakang Kaabah, sambil meleleh air mata..(Gambar ini banyak boleh cari dalam internet dan dalamHarakah..)

    “Ya Allah, kami diserang, dihimpit dari segenap penjuru dalam menegakkan AgamaMU, sesungguhnya kami tak berdaya. Maka kami berserah kepada MU untuk bantu kami menegakkan Agama MU”

    Sekarang mari kita lihat apa yang Nik Aziz buat kepada agama Islam yang konon dia perjuangkan tetapi diserang jiri dan kanan..

    Siapa yang serang Islam, siapa yang himpit Islam?

    UMNO?…BN…? owwhhhh…tidak mungkin! Sebab orang UMNO ..BN juga Islam dan menunaikan segala tuntutan Islam nya.

    Tetapi..siapa yang berkawan dengan musuh Islam? Siapa yang buat-buat tak tahu tentang agenda Kristian untuk jadikan Malaysia negara agama bebas?? Bukan kah PAS dan makhluk tak sedar diri dalam PKR itu sendiri.,?

    Dan..siapakah yang pernah janji nak muzakarah dengan UMNO..kemudian letak syarat..kemudian tarik balik cadangan nak muzakarah..? Bukankah itu PAS?

    PAS + PKR + DAP …apakah ini jaminan untuk menegakkan agama Islam??

    Pelik sungguh doa Nik Azizz ini. Dia kata PAS kena serang, kena himpit kiri kanan untuk tegakkan agama Islam (dengan lelehan air mata depan Kaabah lagi tuu)..tapi hakikatnya PAS itu sendiri yang bersekongkol dengan puak-puak yang musuh serta tidak mengerti langsung tentang kesucian Islam. MasyaAllah!!

    Kesimpulan :

    PAS memang menghadapi kecelaruan minda yang teruk.

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  9. ron95

    Jul 27. 2012

    those evanglisters as seem loves the freedom, fratenity, dignity & love but ironically their are stand for LGBT’s, anti Islam (ex-Crusaders), hedonisme and chauvinisity so i not wonder how righteously those evanglisters will stand their agenda against our islamic people under the banner of christianity jews!

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