Anwar Ibrahim Is A Well Known Gay Overseas

Written by Anvar Queer Guy – Proof: Former American Ambassador to Malaysia John R. Malott has certainly been lashing out against Malaysia, lobbying constantly on behalf of his friend Anwar Ibrahim, making all sorts of threats against the New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia, and in general he has seemed more interested in drawing attention to his oversized ego than to facts and figures.

The above excerpt had been taken from BigDog.

Why would this former American Ambassador to Malaysia be so transparent in defending Anwar Ibrahim? Is there a secret gay relationship that we might not know of?

Proof: There has been some public discussion about reforming the law so as to exempt private, non-commercial, sexual acts between consenting adults. Some members of the major opposition party, have expressed support for such a reform, most notably Latheefa Koya and Anwar Ibrahim but this is not the official position of the party. No political party or elected member of parliament has formally proposed such a reform.[3]

The above excerpt had been taken from Wikipedia in LGBT rights in Malaysia. If you are confused to what LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) which described distinct groups within the gay culture.

Proof: The first thing to say is that – even allowing for cultural and religious sensitivities – Malaysia should be embarrassed that it is threatening to send a man to prison for consensual sex with another adult. But there are also considerable doubts about the case against Mr Anwar. The evidence against him is thin and the political context is very clear.

The above excerpt had been taken from Financial Times.

Proof: One international observer from Australia has called the trial seriously flawed and argued that it should have been abandoned.

The excerpt had been taken from The Guardian.

Proof: The Malaysian attitude toward homosexuality is perhaps best exemplified by the experience of Anwar Ibrahim, the country’s best-known opposition leader, who denies that he is gay.

The excerpt had been taken from Foreign Policy website which article had been titled “The Global Gay Rights Battlefields”. If Anwar Ibrahim is not known to be a true gay overseas, why would his name be in an article that promotes homosexual globally?

Proof: “It’s clearly an attempt to weaken the opposition leader in a political maneuver. There’s no getting around it,” says Bridget Welsh, associate professor of political science at Singapore Management University.

That excerpt had been taken from Gay Arab and Muslim Action and Support Group.

Proof: Dr Mahatir has made the allegations, Anwar has denied them, ….

That excerpt had been taken from LESBIAN AND GAY SOLIDARITY NEWSLETTER No. 39.

Proof: In Malaysia the Anwar/Mahatir conflict has stifled any discussion about gay rights, due to the highly political nature of the sodomy charges against Anwar.

That excerpt had been taken from LESBIAN AND GAY SOLIDARITY ISSUE 5, 1999.

Proof: According to Simranjit Kaur Gill who was quoted as saying in The Nut Graph, an independent Malaysian news website, legal records show that only seven charges have been made under Section 377 since 1938. Of the seven, four are connected to Anwar Ibrahim. (Anwar is a former Deputy Prime Minister and currently the de facto head of the leading party in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat and is currently facing trial for allegedly sodomising a 23-year-old aide. He was tried and convicted for sodomy and corruption in 1998. The sodomy conviction was overturned in 2004.)

That excerpt had been taken from Fridae, empowering gay Asia in an article titled “Gay sex acts should not be criminalised: Malaysian Bar Council Human Rights Committee by Sylvia Tan”

Anwar Ibrahim and gay seems to be like hand in glove. When you google gay associations, inside Malaysia or outside Malaysia, the gays there are so adamant in defending Anwar Ibrahim and homosexuality.

Hence, this is crystal clear proof that Anwar Ibrahim is a gay, the gays inside Malaysia and outside Malaysia knew so well of his sodomising ways and they are so behind him.

In conclusion, when you think of Anwar, think of gay. Because Anwar Ibrahim is one queer example of a hard core gay in Malaysia and overseas.

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  1. ron95

    Dec 16. 2011

    gaylord international icon of the decade :Anwar Ibrahim a.k.a fag and S.O.B!

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  2. Iqra

    Oct 28. 2011

    Surah Zariyat, 51: 49 A. Yusuf All in note 5025 item (3) says ” All things are in twos: sex in plants and animals, by which one individual is complementary to another; in the subtle forces of nature. Day and Night, positive and negative electricity, forces of attraction and repulsion: and numerous other opposites, each fulfilling its purpose, and contributing to the working of God’s Universe; and in the moral and spiritual world. Love and Aversion, Mercy and Justice, Striving and Rest, and so on;-all fulfilling their functions according to the Artistry and wonderful Purpose of God. Everything has its counterpart, or pair, or complement. God alone is One, with none like Him, or needed to complement Him. These are noble things to contemplate. And they lead us to a true understanding of God’s Purpose and Message.”

    …so how on earth does these “protected species LGBT” put themselves into the nature of the universe?

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  3. Ralph

    Oct 28. 2011

    Anwar ibrahim will rot before he got rotten by god

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  4. Zoosss

    Oct 28. 2011

    Anwar Ibrahim, the International Gay Guy.

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  5. lanang

    Oct 28. 2011

    waduuh…mana mau laariii Paak.

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  6. KadukTechnoLogik

    Oct 28. 2011

    very good… very good news

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    Oct 28. 2011

    depan boleh, belakang lagi la boleh…

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