Anwar Ibrahim : Ordinary Men Or God ?

Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin – Someone who is regarded and wants to be regarded by his followers as cleans and pure has to maintain lifestyles that look superficially by his followers as clean and pure. Anwar Ibrahim wants his followers to think and believes that he is pure and clean. Anwar Ibrahim is continually denying that he is not the person who is in the video sex.

Many, particularly those who regard Anwar Ibrahim as pure and clean, will agree with Anwar Ibrahim that the person in the video sex is not Anwar Ibrahim. However many who had watched the video sex said that the person in the video sex is definitely Anwar Ibrahim. Some of the reporters who had watched the video sex believe that the person in the video sex is certainly Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar, his wife and his supporters went to make a police report denying the person in the video sex is Anwar Ibrahim. At that point of time no one was saying that the person in the video sex was Anwar Ibrahim. Many are saying that the person in the video sex look like Anwar Ibrahim but Anwar Ibrahim immediately went to make a police reports, charging the persons who were disclosing the video sex to a group of reporters were his political enemies who are trying to undermine his political career. Anwar wants to highlight the point that whatever accusation made against him is political conspiracy.

Undoubtedly Anwar is a political figure, who is on the rise to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. He is the leader of the opposition parties in the parliament. No doubt, Anwar has many political enemies who are trying to kill his political career. Anwar is trying to use the fact known to all that politic is dirty and all politicians other than him are dirty.

Anwar wants to tell to his followers that, in this world, only, Anwar Ibrahim is clean and pure. He was once, the leader of Muslim Youth Organization of Malaysia, ABIM who are naïve about politics. He wants his followers to know that he is still the same Anwar who was clean and pure and he is the victim of political conspiracy.

Anwar always uses the term conspiracy in order to highlight the fact that only him, as a politician who is clean and pure and all other politicians in Malaysia are bad and dirty.

All over the world know that Anwar was once the leader and the founder of Muslims Youth Movement of Malaysia, ABIM. He was one of the council members of the World Muslim Youth Movement, ABIM and Anwar is known to all in the world as the one who can give speeches with quotations from the verses of the Quran.

Anwar is a good speaker that can charms his audience. He has been portraying all this while the image of a clean and pure Muslim leader and in public, Anwar is seen as a person who observed his five times prayers.

When he was the leader of Muslim Youth Movements of Malaysia, ABIM he conducted a discussion group about Islam known as Usrah among the leaders of the movement. During his youth, he was known as an active Muslim student leader who was against injustice done by the government of Malaysia.

He led many demonstrations against the government and throughout his life he was a fighter (according to him) against oppression and injustice to the peoples. He has been kept in detention camp by Malaysian Government for nearly two years. He was detained under the Internal Security Act, ISA during the time of Tun Abdul Razak.

Many Muslim youth during his time adore him and followed him. In the past, Anwar was an eloquent speaker, when he spoke, he can pull crowd by thousands to listen to his speeches. Anwar speeches were fiery and full of energy and many were willing to listen to his speeches even if the speech went for several hours. No one was bored listening to Anwar speeches. When anyone listens only to his speeches, he or she will definitely conclude that Anwar Ibrahim is a leader, who is clean and pure in this world and he is the answer to Malaysia and the Muslim world. Anwar’s ability to make good, fiery and Quranic coloured speeches had charms thousands to believe that Anwar Ibrahim is a Muslim leader who is clean and pure.

With the image of clean and pure attached to Anwar Ibrahim, Anwar must ensure his image of clean and pure is not tarnished. Anwar will do anything to ensure the image of clean and pure remain with him. The last thing that he had is his image and he must fight to the last in order to maintain his image.

Anwar has lost the chance to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1998. He was about to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, after Tun Dr Mahathir when he was accused of sodomy and bribery in 1998.In order to maintain his image of clean and pure, Anwar must resort to the tactic that everything done to him at that time was a conspiracy.

He accused Tun Dr Mahathir who at that time was the Prime Minister of Malaysia as the leader of the conspiracy.

Logically, Tun Dr Mahathir cannot be the leader of the conspiracy, because he was then the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Why should a Prime Minister do a conspiracy to topple down his Deputy Prime Minister?

As a Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir did not have to do any conspiracy to bring down Anwar Ibrahim from the post of Deputy Prime Minister. When Tun Dr Mahathir wants his deputy to step down, there must be a really strong and genuine reason, which only Tun Dr Mahathir knows. It is not a conspiracy but an important and crucial decision which has to be made by Tun Dr Mahathir in order to save the country from the wrong doing of Anwar.

I strongly believe that it was not easy for Tun Dr Mahathir to reach to the decision of asking Anwar Ibrahim to step down as Deputy Prime Minister and Timbalan Presiden UMNO. Anwar must have committed a very grave mistake that make Tun Dr Mahathir to ask him to step down. If Anwar was an obedient and humble person, he should have obeyed his leader Tun Dr Mahathir but instead Anwar was an arrogant person and he refused to resign.

Anwar become arrogant, because many people praise him whenever he made any speeches. His supporters and followers praise him and this made Anwar to become proud and arrogant. Anwar think, he has the ability to give eloquent speeches and many will adore and follow him and so he decided to disobey and to fight Tun Dr Mahathir who has been all this while doing good to Anwar.

Tun Dr Mahathir took Anwar into UMNO and made him as a minister. While Anwar was in UMNO, Tun Dr Mahathir always supported him and always on the side of Anwar. Since early 90’s, peoples had reported to Tun that Anwar was involved in sodomy, but Tun Dr Mahathir ignored the reports. Tun Dr Mahathir had taken Anwar into UMNO and the government because he was one of those who believe that Anwar was a clean, pure, dynamic and progressive Muslim leader. With the Islamic image of Anwar in the international level, Tun Dr Mahathir think Anwar can be used as means to help the poor Muslim countries in the world.

Anwar was praised by Muslims in Malaysian as well as Muslims in other Muslim countries. With all the praises, Anwar has developed a belief that he is special and great in the eyes of many Muslim leaders as well as in the eyes of some non-Muslim leaders in the world. He thinks he can fight and challenge Tun Dr Mahathir.

When Tun Dr Mahathir asked him to step down amicably, Anwar refused to follow the advice of Tun Dr Mahathir. When Anwar refused to resign, Tun Dr Mahathir had to sack Anwar from the post of Deputy Prime Minister. When Anwar was sacked by Tun Dr Mahathir; Anwar was ready to fight Tun Dr Mahathir by making streets demonstration.

Immediately after Anwar was sacked by Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar gave a fiery speech after Friday prayer in Masjid Negara and asked the crowds to follow him in street demonstration. Anwar was back to the streets with the youth chanting the words Reformasi. Many were deceived by Anwar and made to believe that he was victimised by Tun Dr Mahathir.

Tun Dr Mahathir was called by the supporters of Anwar as MahaFirun and the public was made to believe by Anwar was the victim of conspiracy designed by Tun Dr Mahathir and his cronies. Anwar denied that he had committed sodomy and illicit sex.

Many did not believes that Anwar whom they believes all this while as a Muslim leaders that is pure and clean will never committed such acts as sodomy and illicit sex. The court sentenced him to imprisonment of six years. While in prison, some said that Anwar spent more time in studying the Quran.

When Anwar came out from the prison, he became the hero of the opposition party and with his fiery and energetic speeches, the opposition party for the first time can take control of 5 states. This has never happened before in the history of Malaysia. Anwar become the centre of attraction and hope for the opposition to take over Malaysia from the hand of Barisan National, the party that has ruled Malaysia for more than 50 years.

Anwar is back to his spirit and he saw the hope to be in Putra Jaya as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Allah is great and it is the plan of Allah, not to let Anwar to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. With the permission of Allah, all of a sudden, Anwar is again involved in sodomy II and now with his own personal aids, Saiful Bukhari.

Again, Anwar is trying to make the situation to look like a conspiracy and this time the one who designed the conspiracy is Dato’ Seri Najib, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Many still do not believe that Anwar is committing sodomy and even with this recent video sex, that shows a person that look like Anwar with the prostitute from China, many still do not believe that the person is Anwar.

Many believe that it is political conspiracy designed by Barisan National to destroy the political career of Anwar. Although DNA found in the rectum of Saiful is the same as DNA found in the things used by Anwar in the lockup, many still believes that it is political conspiracy of Barisan National against Anwar.

Many believe that Anwar is pure and clean and a person like Anwar, who is already old, will never commit such bad and dirty actions.

I just want to remind those that believe Anwar will never commit sins or mistakes, as Anwar is a normal human being who must make sins and mistakes. Only Allah will never makes mistakes or sins. Even, prophets make mistakes and sins but Allah had forgiven all their sins because they all are Maksum.

Anwar is not pure and clean as only Allah is pure and clean. If you believe Anwar will never makes mistakes and sins that mean you believe Anwar is God. Anwar is neither prophet nor God. Please let your hearts to have some spaces to believe that Anwar may commit mistakes and sins.

It is better for you to pray that Anwar admit his mistakes and do repentance. Admitting mistakes and making abundance repentance is an action loved by Allah – mthago

Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin, Dean of Faculty of Optometry, International University College of Technology Twintech, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  1. Pejuang IMR

    May 30. 2014

    Buat masa ini aku sgt takin yg bang non Anugerah tuhan tu adalah yg paling kotor berbanding dgn yg lain2. Tak caya tanyalah kawan2 karib dia yg byk dah menjauhkan diri dari ya

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  2. anti anwar

    May 17. 2013

    pembawaan imej islamik anwar sangat kuat. pentaksub anwar benar2 telah tertipu dng anwar kerana anwar sekarang tidak sama seperti anwar 70an 80an

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  3. ninja turtle

    Aug 24. 2012

    Hope u all have read Non Military Warfare part 1, part 2 and part 3 .(Rainbow of spot by dr nshinah)
    It is a must read article.. and you will find the answer who Anwar really is..

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  4. Pak Cik Amir

    Aug 23. 2012



    Someone who is regarded and wants to be regarded by his followers as CLEAN and pure has to maintain A LIFESTYLE that LOOKS SUPERFICIALLY CLEAN AND PURE BY HIS FOLLOWERS. Anwar Ibrahim wants his followers to think and BELIEVE that he is pure and clean. Anwar Ibrahim is continually denying that HE IS the person who is in the video sex. (takkan lah dia menafikan yg dalam video itu bukan dia pulak >> makna ayat ‘Anwar Ibrahim is continually is not denying’., mesti dia menafikan itu dia)

    Many, particularly those who regard Anwar Ibrahim as pure and clean, will agree with Anwar Ibrahim that the person in the SEX VIEDO is not Anwar Ibrahim. However many who HAVE watched the SEX VIDEO said that the person in the SEX VIDEO is definitely Anwar Ibrahim. Some of the reporters who HAVE watched the SEX VIDEO believe that the person in the SEX VIDEO is certainly Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar, his wife and his supporters went to make a police report denying the person in the SEX VIDEO is Anwar Ibrahim. At that point of time no one was saying that the person in the SEX VIDEO IS Anwar Ibrahim. Many SAID that the person in the SEX VIDEO LOOKS like Anwar Ibrahim but Anwar Ibrahim immediately went to make a POLICE REPORT, charging the persons who DISCLOSED THE SEX VIDEO to a group of reporters were his political enemies who are trying to undermine his political career. Anwar wants to highlight the point that whatever accusation made against him is political conspiracy.

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    • usopwilcha

      Sep 09. 2012

      Palcik Amir!!!

      Inilah masalahnya dgn orang melayu…pantang ada melayu nak cakap omputih…ada aja orang melayu lain nak kritik..nak perbetulkan grammar lah itu lah ini;lah…pedulikan salah grammar…yang penting mesej sampai sudah…kalau kita tengok orang india cakap omputih grammar hancus tapi lama kelamaan depa pandai jugak…..biarlah salah grammar…lantak pilah…takyah nak komplen…janji kita faham…sudah..

      Kita tak pernah komplen pun kalau orang cina orang india orang putih cakap melayu tapi grammar depa hancus…tang tu takpe pulak??? kenapa tak perbetulkan…jenuh dak?

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  5. Anoogerah Toohan

    Jul 17. 2011

    Gaylord Anwar has been exposed so many times…….. but there are fanatics (fools) who refuse to believe in his infidelity.

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  6. Ainaq

    Jul 16. 2011

    Anwar is not the founder of ABIM but Sanusi Joned. Being Charasmatic leader and speaker ABIM rise at the peak during his leader ship.Profesionally he had done a good job.

    The anlysys of his background. He came from MCKK a boys boarding school. According to reliable source from those who studied there there a small group of students practice homosexual. It is not strange boys are young with high libido get involve in such actitivites.* Under those background he might be expose to such behaviour in early age.
    He in University is around 1970s by 1974 he already out of University.Pre 1974 there no strong Muslim student movement as most students are non Malay and Non Muslims.In those days students are the party going type and dancing is a must. So not surprise a vedeo show Anwar was dancing during UMNO days and good dancer to with a women not his wife (technically he is not as clean a most Imam) in spite once a while he leads prayers and give khutbah. Sermon. With the back drop in 1970 Islam is not in the highlight but liberalism. Rumour of students staying together outside wedlock is quite and issue in 1969. Ladies still do not cover their head yet since the liberalization of modern Malay women in the 50s like Datin Asmah. Rosmah Mansor is also the product of late 1970s. Thus covering head is not yet accepted as norm. So in College Anwar was a leader in Malay Language Society of University of Malaya so he was popular for fighting not for Islam for Implementation Malay is a National Language in government administration and training institution as well as on allegation of corruption of some leaders.
    When he leaved University he was Majlis Belia Malaysia- a Youth Organization. Probably after this he get Involve with ABIM and get Islamic Image or become Islamised. When he join UMNO his Islamic Image still remain but vedeo of his dancing show that his Islamic value is being eroded. 1970 liberal days appear. His private life of course in unknown. Dato Eskay and other few might know his secret life? Suddenly when he was thrown by Tun Mahathir this allegation thrown in the open. Many people would not one to belief.But now… the trial ,the vedeo? Those who still do not want to belief think that present technolgy can make super impose film. Unlike photoshop film consist of many frame per second unless there is a program it cannot be easily done.Particularly to find vedeo with can match the acting vedeo if it is done by an actor and technology.

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  7. reader

    Jul 11. 2011

    thanks prof. please explain the real thing to your students as they are the most vulnerable. They take things superficially and believe whatever materials posted by pro-DSAI supporters.

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  8. Abu Ihsan

    Jul 09. 2011

    A nice article, well written. Points well arranged, Message well taken I hope by readers who is not looking for English language mistakes. Tahniah to Dr. Nasoha for taking the time to explain. Many will benefit from it insya Allah.

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  9. Wan

    May 06. 2011

    Aku dah lama benci silaknat Nuar ni. Manusia yang penuh dengan jijik..keep on writing Prof.

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  10. syamsul

    May 04. 2011

    Ordinary Men Or God ?

    Well he has God given huge cock??? hee..hee..hee

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    • ninja turtle

      Aug 24. 2012

      Anwar is only good at three things …
      Mambu, Chindoll and binorang

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  11. Mak lucy

    May 04. 2011

    Sedikit kritikan membina, prof ya. Kalau nak submit article dalam bahasa inggeris, bagilah collegue pakar bahasa tu go through dulu.

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    • DUH

      May 04. 2011

      agree. mcm sayang because she’s supposed to be a college professor. Sorry ya jangan marah. I just think she needs to improve her English.

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    • Antispin

      May 04. 2011

      Dont worry about the English… what matters here is the truth! The fact that she spent time to elaborate on something which is of significance to us all should be applauded. Thanks Prof . May Allah bless and reward you for your efforts.

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    • warisatuliman2011

      May 04. 2011

      A.w.w. handai taulan. Mungkin prof. tu mahu msgnya dlm bahasa Inggeris itu sampai ke pengetahuan mereka yg kurang arif berbahasa Melayu. Apapun dia dah cuba yg terdaya dan kita doakan yg baik2 untuknya, soal remeh-temeh tu tak sepenting masalah kemungkaran yg dilakukan oleh seorang insan yg bercita2 terlalu tinggi hingga boleh menggugat agama, bangsa dan negara kan. Salam.

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      • aku

        May 04. 2011

        betul betul betul…english itu ponting yo…tapi yg lobih ponting adolah isi kandungan artikel di atas ni jelas dan nyata…kalau english tarap cambridge/oxford/harvard/ pun tapi perangai jadi dok loklak macam anwar tak guna juga…

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    • usopwilcha

      Sep 09. 2012



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  12. warisatuliman2011

    May 04. 2011

    A.w.w. dear brothers and sisters. Just becos Anwar thinks he is “the cleanest and purest politician” in the whole world doesnt mean Allah s.w.t. has chosen him to become the next premier or president of Malaysia. The fact is he cant even match the great leaders of Islam as he has flawed characters. It is because the four main characters of a good Muslim — siddiq, amanah, tabligh and fatanah — are not in his vocab. Dont talk abt other attributes of a good Muslim, let alone bravery. He is not brave enaf to take the oath of mubahalah, he is not brave enaf to surrender his DNA sample and he has not guts to undergo a lie detector test. How abt the missing Omega watch which he claimed was in the safekeeping of his wife? his hypocracy was too glaring when he failed to honour his promises to form new gov’ts in Putrajaya and Sarawak. He cant walk the talk. He has dissapointed not only his own family but his loyal followers, supporters and symphatisers. As he is running out of time, his only way to make amend is to perform the taubah nasuha. But being Anwar, he is capable of dissapointing everybody again and again until his last breath. Salam.

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  13. tukang tengok

    May 04. 2011

    Nice article. When he was a DPM, I also used to be blinded by the persona of this creature named Anwar…..THE PRIME MINISTER IN THE MAKING…….. praised by locals and foreigner……bla bla….

    Until he was sacked…I’m was about 22 years old……everybody (well, almost everybody) was chanting REFORMASI REFORMASI……the sensation was high and if you were from the era… will know definitely how it felt. People keep asking. WHY? Mahathir did that to this such saint person…..people marched on the street…REFORMASI REFORMASI….

    Thanks for my father for my upbringing……hardcore PAS but merely on the concept of Islamic Country, Islamic Leader etc. Not on the extreme side such as kafir mengkafir as he was an ustaz back then. I have been scolded once when I was young for hanging PAS flag at the front of our house. The incident has shaped me well. He always teach me to think not to follow blindly….

    The sacking incident really made me thinking, I do love Mahathir and whatever he did to the country, alongside with Fadhil Noor. I better keep the reasons to myself
    It struck me, Mahathir will not do something stupid for the future of our country as whole….(I do really believe that) as he always see the bigger picture.

    During that time, I really study about Anwar, the allegation, his past & his present and what will happen in the future. His friends, ally, suppporters, his link with IMF, Jews, Jesuit, Freemasonry, even CIA etc…just to name a few.The good thing is it has lead me to the greater knowledge as I picked up a new “hobby”. I rather say I’m a jigger(as suggested by or conspiracy theorist (in general). Also I have started to study about Dajjal in greater context..and from a different angle.

    Then, finally I have made a conclusion that Anwar is just a pawn, he do not hold any value to Malaysia, Malaysian, public, community, Islam, Malay, Chinese, Indian or any race, rakyat, friends, family and myself. He is merely a puppet who is enjoying life until he become obsolete…like other pawns…all over the world……felt sorry for him….

    Since then, I have never stop pursuing family and friends to despise him until he quit…give up..shut up…crazy…exile…whatever. Please, now or never….for the greater Malaysia. Insyaallah
    The revolution has started….unlike Egyptian, we will do things differently….Insyaallah.

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  14. aku

    May 04. 2011

    aku setuju dgn dr nasoha…
    pd aku penyokong anwar ni menyanjung tinggi anwar..macamlah anwar tu rasul yg maksum..yg suci muci dari segala dosa..kalau kutuk anwar cakap bukak aib..tapi kalau anwar kutuk orang lain semua suka bertepuk tangan macam meraikan satu kemenangan….
    padahal anwar ni tak lebih dari sorang manuisa haprak yg kerjanya manipulasi orang , keadaan sekeliling dan ISLAM semata-mata nak menyelamatkan bunnntuuuuttttnya… quote ayat quran konon dia lah paling ahli…pppptuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhh..aku ludah ko anawar..aku ludah ko….

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    • dingo

      May 30. 2011

      siapa bilang anwar tu macam nabi ke, tuhan ke. dia ada kata ke.stupid penyokong bee end, jg lebih sudu dr kuah…pemimpin bee end kebanyakannya lagi haprak..

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