Wan Azizah Knew Anwar a Bisexual

NTAnwar, AIDC’s columnists – If there is anyone among us who thinks that Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail do not know all of Anwar’s weird habits, including his sexual liaisons with other women, they have been too naïve.

Azizah is aware of all that but she went to great pains to keep such knowledge within the inner circle. However, when it became public knowledge she would readily deny everything.

What were Wan Azizah’s considerations in coming out with a strong denial when Anwar’s scandal eventually leaked to the public? Under such circumstances, when she is fully aware of it but stubbornly sides Anwar, she, too, is doomed to fall. This is because PKR was founded on the image of Anwar, which henceforth would not allow any other alternative, except to vehemently deny everything. This will at least help to salvage part of it.

That is Azizah’s politics. Never be caught by such politicking.

Just take a look at the way Azizah denied about the ‘actor’ in the controversial sex video. She flatly said it was not Anwar, and that was all. Her reasoning was fragile, and was only based on the proportion of the body of the man depicted. She did not elaborate in detail which part of the body differed from Anwar.

She also did not dare take an oath in the name of Allah, wallahi wabillahi, wattalahi, although she had wanted to convince the public that it was not Anwar. At the very least her denial could have been followed by the Islamic way of saying IN THE NAME OF ALLAH that is not Anwar. If she could do that and willingly invoked Allah’s name to convince the public, then she is home safe.

After listening to Ezam’s confession – a confession from someone who at one time was close to Azizah, it only further confirmed that Azizah knew everything about Anwar, but refused to say anything even to those whom she trusted.

Ezam understood everything that happened through the reactions and ways shown by Azizah, but through clear words from her mouth.

When Anwar and Azizah’s inner circle stood up to expose their private affairs at home, only then the public came to believe the accusations levelled against him in 1998.

In public, Azizah would come out with denials that her making enemy with Azmin was the cause for the downfall of her husband. However, at home and in reality, it is true that Azmin and Azizah are enemies. All of PKR’s activists know about this. Ezam knows, Annuar Shaari knows, Zaid Ibrahim knows. It has become public knowledge.

Question is why would Azizah make enemies with Azmin? It is because it was Azmin’s family that had caused the failure of her husband to be Prime Minister? Azmin’s sister Ummi Hafilda had sent a letter to the Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1997 revealing Anwar’s bad habits. In the letter she clearly mentioned about Anwar’s relationship with the wife of another man. Who’s wife? Azmin Ali’s wife, the pampered and whining wife of Azmin Ali, no less.

Azwan Ali, Azman Ali, Norlia Ali (Kak Long) and Intan Dawini Ali (Kak Lang) who are Azmin Ali’s siblings all supported Ummi Hafilda. This only meant that all the family knew that Azmin’s wife had had relationship with Anwar.

Anwar’s entire inner circle knew that even until now Shamsidar is not allowed to step into Azizah’s house. Why? If Azizah did not believe the case deliberated in 1998, she would by now have taken Shamsidar by the hand to help push PKR to a higher level. That, however, did not happen. What transpired was the enmity between Azizah and Shamsidar, even when they smile at each other in public. That is mere politics.

All this means that Azizah truly believed her husband had an affair with the wife of another man. That does not include Anwar’s enticement of Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin’s wife, which is now in the courts.

It is true that all of Anwar’s family knew that Abang Non (as Anwar’s is called) is a bit naughty, just like his father Pak Ibrahim. That was why they despatched the husband of Anwar’s younger brother, MOKHTAR to care for him. Mokhtar…Mokhtar…

That was about Anwar’s promiscuity with women, but what about those liaisons with men? Does Wan Azizah know about that?

Azizah had never been comfortable with the knowledge that Anwar had sexual relations with Sukma.
Even that Wan Azizah knows, as all the evidence is before her eyes. Even in her own house…who was that? Who else but Sukma Darmawan, the effeminate youth whom Anwar met in Indonesia and brought back to Malaysia when he was still in his teens.

In Islam such a man who is still in his teens is known as ‘amrod.’ It is forbidden to look at him for a long time, what more to share a room and have oral sex or sodomy?

Azizah felt so uneasy knowing of Sukma’s homosexual relationship with Anwar, each each time Anwar moved house. What the heck! His own adopted brother having homosexual sex with Anwar. It was not only Azizah who had suspected things, everyone would feel the same. Anwar had no family ties with Sukma, how come he became adopted brother? How come he was allowed a special room at his government-owned official residence when Anwar was Deputy Prime Minister?

All of this was told by Eskay to blogger Kickdefella. Even Eskay had suspected there was something not right between Sukma and Anwar.

Eskay had revealed his experience when he first came to know Anwar around 1996. At that time Anwar was the DPM, and he had made a police report when he lost his cash at his house – the residence allotted to him as official residence. Anwar had asked Eskay to come to his house to see for himself the cash which he had reported missing.

While at his house, Eskay said he saw Sukma Darmawan in the room next to Anwar’s bedroom.

“I asked him who that was?”…Anwar replied, “Oh, my adopted brother…” added Eskay who claimed that he felt suspicious why it was not Anwar’s children who took the room next to their father’s, but instead an effeminate adult.

What was so special about that man?

“You like him?” asked Anwar. “Please, I am straight,” said Eskay. To that according to Eskay, Anwar patted his chest and said, “I am straight, too, you know…”

“After that it looked as though Anwar had wanted to prove that he was straight. He invited me to go have fun…” that was Eskay’s explanation when revealing about Anwar’s frequent invitation for him to tag along, and later to become the go-between for Anwar to procure his women.

“It was similar to what Dato’ Nalla did,” said Eskay. “But Nalla had his limits, I did not…” added Eskay, who was at one time a sport therapist for the American Olympic Gymnastic Team as well as the American football team, Dallas Cowboys.

This meant that the expose by X-PKR, which said Azizah had evicted Sukma Darmawan when Anwar was in prison was to complete the fact that Azizah knew everything. She could not do anything when Anwar was not in jail for fear that he would reprimand her. It was only when Anwar was incarcerated that she took action.

It was the same with the case of Rasid. When Anwar was at home Azizah would not do anything. But when Anwar went to the U.S., she acted on Rasid. Anwar was clever, too. When he returned to Malaysia and found Rasid missing, he called him back and housed him at another location so that Azizah would not know. That was how it worked between husband and wife.

This goes on to prove that the emergence of Mohd Saiful Bukhari, who claimed to have been sodomised was nothing earth-shattering to Azizah, as she had known all along through experience with Sukma Darmawan. It was only that she had not expected Anwar to be so crafty that he could hide him at a condominium without anyone’s knowledge.

What about him and the China Dolls? What about when he was in the U.S.?

That Anwar had sexual liaisons with China Doll prostitutes was not a surprise to Azizah. Whether a video is produced or whatever, she would not even blink because she knew all along. That was why it was so easy for her to be straight-faced when denying things, emotionless, without shedding even a tear, or look surprised. She was indifferent to the extent of even insinuating the reporters.

The person who exposed all these was Anwar’s friend. His name is Eskay, whom even Azizah knew. That was why Anwar and Azizah had made a pact not to attack Eskay anymore, but instead set their sights on Rahim Thamby Chik, although it was Eskay who accompanied Anwar to the hotel, took the video recorder and announced it to the public. Not Rahim but Eskay.

Why are they afraid of Eskay? There must be a reason. Why would Anwar and Azizah only attack Rahim? There must be reasons.

The enemies of Anwar and Azizah are their own friend, Eskay, but they would rather have Rahim in the cross hairs. That was political play, when things come out in the open.

Everyone knows it was not Rahim who accompanied Anwar to the hotel room, Not Rahim who went to look for the Omega watch. Not Rahim who took away the video recorder and it was also not Rahim who showed the video at Carcosa. Everything was done by Eskay. However, when the time came for Anwar to attack, he did not chose Eskay, but Rahim. Can we see that?

If even in Malaysia Anwar could patronise the services of a prostitute, we can only imagine what nefarious activities Anwar had been involved with throughout his two years in that free country, the United States of America.

That was why we were not unduly surprised when Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz knew Anwar better than Nik Aziz.

Both Al Gore and Wolfowitz had strongly denied Anwar being labelled an enemy of the Zionists because the ABIM credentials and the reports submitted to them about Anwar’s activities in the U.S. proved otherwise.

Both Zionists had decided to label Anwar a “liberal.” What does that mean? It is highly confusing to know that even Nik Aziz did not really know Anwar, but Al Gore and Wolfowitz did.

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  1. ahmen

    May 17. 2012

    Kak Wan you deserve a better man

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  2. ahmen

    May 17. 2012

    Kak Wan, you deserve a better man

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  3. Azhan Kuang

    Sep 28. 2011

    kalau siapapun jadi Wan Azizah, mesti sakit jiwa, tapi kalau nak minta cerai lagi akan menyakitkan jiwa, dengan tanggapan masyarakat umum, mungkin kelak kacauganggu & ugutan anwar yang banyak pengikut @orang suruhan taksub, juga masa depan anak2 yang semua berkareer & berpolitik. Alih-alih tak dapat cegah melalui tangan, mulut , hanya dengan hati sajela…dia mungkin doa supaya anwar berubah dan bertaubat. Selemah-lemah iman….

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  4. SMA

    May 17. 2011

    I have a feeling that Azizah defended Anwar not because of her greed for power. She does not appear like that sort of woman to me. My guess is that she did it for her children and her family. She wanted to protect them from the truth about Anwar, so she was willing to do ANYTHING – including lies and manipulation – so her children can go on to admire and be proud of their “innocent” father. It is maternal instinct and she felt she have to rise to the occasion for the children’s sake. Therein lies the tragic pathos in this whole thing.

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  5. Whatever

    Apr 29. 2011

    This is lame. People are just coming up with ways to take down Anwar. I dont support him or anything but I just want him to be left alone. So that the rest of us who dont care can sit down and enjoy a newspaper without all sorts of dirty and immature scandals spread out in almost all the pages.

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    • PARANGkontot

      Apr 29. 2011

      Present your argument IF and only IF you are being TRUTHFUL.

      OR maybe you struggling HARD to CONVINCE yourself that you are on the RIGHT path and it is IMPOSSIBLE that you had been DECEIVED…….

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    • Gobek

      Apr 29. 2011

      We can leave him alone, but he has to leave us alone… leave the malaysian political scene once and for all. If he could mislead us in regards to the current issue… do you think hw would not lie and mislead us other bigger more significant issues. We are all for peace but that wouldnt come with this well known trouble maker still messing around…!!!

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    • aku

      Apr 29. 2011

      apasal lak …memana public figure pun kalau ada skandal seks ini macam kalu mana bleh biorkan..apa lagi org yg ada hati nak jadi PM malaysia tanah tumpah darah aku ni..ko watever kalau tak suke baca paper la ni..ko pi baca komik sinchanlah….abih citer naa…macamlah sebelum ni kat paper takde kes camni..macamle takde berite lain dalam paper tu yg ko ble baca kann…alalalala konon inesen la sgt engko ni…ha gitu..emo plak…

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  6. man

    Apr 28. 2011

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  7. matila akukalini

    Apr 25. 2011

    With a dream of walking hand in hand with Anwar the Prime Minister of Malaysia in Putra Jaya,Azizah most probably is deafening her ears on what ever being said about Anwar Maharakus.

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    Apr 25. 2011

    Wan Azizah If she Knew All those evil doings and choose to accept it SHE MUST BE DAMMED CRAZY. Any normal wife would have kissed Good Bye …Good riddence to Bad Rubbish. Adoi kalau orang lain dah masuk hospital gila atas perbuatan suami saperti DSAI . Maybe cos she’s a doctor…healing her own wounds….in silent. Eloklah bertaubat….jalan ke Putrajaya pun not in the making. Be the First Lady with Dignity jangan jadi mangsa pada segala perbuatan suami mu. This is worse than wife beater or abused wife. Mohon kepada Allah keberkatan dan perlindungan darinya Amin!

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    Apr 25. 2011

    Wan Azizah knew about her husband sexual activities when Anwar was still in UMNO and not yet the Deputy Prime Minister. But the thought of being a faithful wife and a future first lady made her to ignore and forego all her husband lewd activities.

    Wan Azizah knew that Anwar had a liking for Azmin Ali’s wife, Shamsidar and Shamsidar also had a liking for Anwar too. But yet Wan Azizah purposely choose to ignore.

    Lots and lots of Anwar’s sexual activities and wrongdoing is known to Wan Azizah but she herself choose to ignore them. Wan Azizah knew that Anwar did have sex with Sukma and the rest of the men but choosed to turn a blind eyes. Wan Azizah knew that her husband had framed Umi Hafildah and Dr Mahathir in 1997 / 1998 and due to her greed for power, she and her husband decided to make used of the people to topple the government, citing reformasi.

    Whatever happened till now is all Anwar Ibrahim’s evil deed and conspiracy. Truth will prevail and people will soon learned the TRUTH abt who Anwar Ibrahim really is….

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  10. Spin1001

    Apr 25. 2011

    interesting article… does azizah fear anuar that much? or the reward of being the PM’s wife is so appealing… or marriage vows of “through thick or thin” is the reason… mayb it is the “syurga dibawah tapak suami”? what is it that clouded azizah’s judgement of anwar? he said it is all fitnah… anwar must be a great orator of lies… even with the original video pending… with the current court case on-going, she sticks by him… normal wives would go through the roof but not azizah… very interesting indeed… what has anwar got on azizah that is so damaging or is it the pluralisme thing that anwar made it his indoctrination?

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  11. AkuIslam

    Apr 25. 2011

    Boleh ke kita menganggap Wan Azizah ni salah satu contoh orang yang munafik? Mengapa ye dia sanggup menjadi begini sedangkan dunia ini bukan tempat yang kekal…akhirat la tempat yang kekal, tempat dimana tak seorang pun dapat menyelamatkan seorang yang lain selain dari amalan baik yang dituntut untuk kita lakukan semasa didunia ini…yang Kak Wan perlu buat ialah selamatkan keluarga terutama anak2nya dari syubahat didunia ini jika itu membuatkan Kak Wan terpaksa meninggalkan anwar…kenapa Kak Wan memilih jalan yang sebegini sedangkan saya percaya Kak Wan adalah wanita yang tinggi intelektual nya…perhatikanlah dunia ini..Dunia hanya lah perhiasan dan ujian untuk hamba Allah…saya tau ramai yang bersimpati dengan Kak Wan..jika dia takut hendak meninggalkan Anwar semata-mata kerana dia mungkin malu untuk kembali kepada keluarga nya kerana perlakuannya berkahwin dengan Anwar suatu ketika dulu, itu bukan soalnya..saya pasti masih ramai yang mahu menolong Kak Wan..sifat Kak Wan mempertahankan suami memang sangat dipuji dan terpuji tapi bukan dengan cara berbohong dan menganiaya orang lain…tak payah malu dengan Shamsidar atau sesiapa saja yang kak wan rasa dalah gunting dalam lipatan disekeliling Kak Wan selama ini…pada saya Kak Wan deserves a better man and a better life..kalau Anwar tak nak berubah..Kak Wan berubah la to be a better Muslimah…Kalau nak tunggu Anwar bertaubat dan berubah..ingat lah masa sangat-sangat mencumburui kita…takut tak sempat aje. Waullahualam. Amin.

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