Homosexual : Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Ismail Faruqi & Anwar Ibrahim


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Anwar Ibrahim and Ismail al-Faruqi


pages 253-254:

(After divorcing Latife)

Then he went back to the long nights in smoke-filled rooms with his
drinking friends – the “desperadoes” as they were nicknamed-his painted
women and the life to which he belonged.

After that he became shameless. He drank deeper than ever. He started a number of open affairs with women, and with men.
Male youth attracted him. He made advances to the wives and daughters
of his supporters. Even important men sent their women-folk away from
Angora out of his way.
* * * * *

Source: Western Civilization, Islam and Muslims,
Auhor: Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi,
translated from Urdu version by Dr. Mohammad Asif Kidwai, M.A.,Ph.D.,
Academy of Islamic Research & Publications, Lucknow, 1969

page: 46

will confine ourselves here only to the reproduction of a few extracts
from his countryman and admirer, Irfan Orga, who, in his famous
biography of him written in collaboration with his wife, Margaret,
observes (Source: Orga, Irfan and Margaret, Ataturk, 1962, p. 246.):

“He felt at home with the prostitutes and the homosexuals
because they were so much worse off than he. The underlying sadism of
his nature came out. He never credited people with feelings since he
had none himself save the fundamental urge to conquer and see others
submit to his will. He had to be at the top.”

“Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Was Homosexual” says a Book Published By Ministry of Education of Belgian state of Valon

MARCH 28, NOYAN TAPAN – ARMENIANS TODAY. The Ministry of Education of
Belgian state of Valon published a book, in which the founder of modern
Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal – Ataturk, is numbered among the most
important and the most prominent homosexuals in the history.

this step, in fact, the Belgian state joined the step of Greek young
people who placed similar information about Ataturk on the
www.youtube.com well-known web-site in early March.

According to
the Zaman Turkish newspaper, the book under the title “Fight Against
Homophobia,” which consists of 144 pages, was given out to pupils of
pre-school and secondary colleges of the state of Valon. On book’s page 105 Ataturk is numbered among the most famous homosexuals in the world history.

to the book, Alexander of Macedon, Leonardo da Vinci (Illuminati),
Goethe, as well as the Pope John Paul III were also homosexuals.

Marriage of homosexuals is permitted in Belgium.

* * * * *
Besides, Jewish Mustafa Kemal’s biographers, Irfan and Margaret Orga, wrote:

He has never loved a woman. He was used to the camaraderie of the Mess, the craze for handsome young men, [and] fleeting contacts with prostitutes, … His body burned, for a woman or a boy


Unknown Source

won a major legal victory in October 2005 when a prosecutor threw out a
motion by the Ankara governor to ban the group on grounds of
immorality. A Turkish court earlier this week ordered access to the
popular YouTube Web site blocked after videos posted there implied that
the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was gay. Under pressure from civil libertarians, authorities restored access to the site a few days later

about the Jewishness of Ataturk, whose statue stands in the main square
of every town and city in Turkey, already circulated in his lifetime
but were denied by him and his family and never taken seriously by
biographers. Of six biographies of him that I consulted this week, none
even mentions such a speculation. The only scholarly reference to it in
print that I could find was in the entry on Ataturk in the Israeli
Entsiklopedya ha-Ivrit, which begins:

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – (1881-1938), Turkish general and statesman and founder of the modern Turkish state

Kemal was born to the family of a minor customs clerk in Salonika and
lost his father when he was young. There is no proof of the belief,
widespread among both Jews and Muslims in Turkey that his family came
from the Doenme. As a boy he rebelled against his mother’s desire to
give him a traditional religious education, and at the age of 12 he was
sent at his demand to study in a military academy.”

The Doenme
were an underground sect of Sabbetaians, Turkish Jews who took Muslim
names and outwardly behaved like Muslims but secretly believed in
Sabbetai Zevi, the 17th-century false messiah, and conducted carefully
guarded prayers and rituals in his name. The encyclopedia’s version of
Ataturk’s education, however, is somewhat at variance with his own.
Here is his account of it as quoted by his biographers:

father was a man of liberal views, rather hostile to religion, and a
partisan of Western ideas. He would have preferred to see me go to a
lay school, which did not found its teaching on the Koran but on modern
science. In this battle of consciences, my father managed to gain the
victory after a small maneuver; he pretended to give in to my mother’s
wishes, and arranged that I should enter the Islamic school of Fatma
Molla Kadin with the traditional ceremony. …Six months later, more or
less, my father quietly withdrew me from the school and took me to that
of old Shemsi Effendi who directed a free preparatory school according
to European methods. My mother made no objection, since her desires had
been complied with and her conventions respected. It was the ceremony
above all which had satisfied her.”

Who was Mustafa Kemal’s
father, who behaved here in typical Doenme fashion, outwardly observing
Muslim ceremonies while inwardly scoffing at them? Ataturk’s mother
Zubeyde came from the mountains west of Salonika, close to the current
Albanian frontier; of the origins of his father, Ali Riza, little is
known. Different writers have given them as Albanian, Anatolian and
Salonikan, and Lord Kinross’ compendious 1964 “Ataturk” calls Ali Riza
a “shadowy personality” and adds cryptically regarding Ataturk’s
reluctance to disclose more about his family background: “To the child
of so mixed an environment it would seldom occur, wherever his racial
loyalties lay, to inquire too exactly into his personal origins beyond
that of his parentage.”

was undoubtedly from the Jewish Bible, that Ataturk remembered the
words of the Shema, which to the best of my knowledge he confessed
knowing but once in his adult life: to a young Hebrew journalist whom
he engaged in two tipsily animated conversations in Jerusalem nearly a
decade before he took control of the Turkish army after its disastrous
defeat in World War I, beat back the invading Greeks and founded a
secular Turkish republic in which Islam was banished – once and for
all, so he thought – to the mosques.

Ataturk would have had good
reasons for concealing his Doenme origins. Not only were the Doenmes
(who married only among themselves and numbered close to 15,000,
largely concentrated in Salonika, on the eve of World War I) looked
down on as heretics by both Muslims and Jews, they had a reputation for
sexual profligacy that could hardly have been flattering to their
offspring. This license, which was theologically justified by the claim
that it reflected the faithful’s freedom from the biblical commandments
under the new dispensation of Sabbetai Zevi, is described by Israel’s
second president, Yitzchak Ben-Zvi, in his book on lost Jewish
communities, “The Exiled and the Redeemed”:
‘Saintly Offspring’

a year (during the Doenmes’ annual ‘Sheep holiday’) the candles are put
out in the course of a dinner which is attended by orgies and the
ceremony of the exchange of wives. … The rite is practiced on the
night of Sabbetai Zevi’s traditional bithday. … It is believed that
children born of such unions are regarded as saintly.”

Ben-Zvi, writing in the 1950s, thought that “There is reason to believe
that this ceremony has not been entirely abandoned and continues to
this day,” little is known about whether any of the Doenmes’
traditional practices or social structures still survive in modern
Turkey. The community abandoned Salonika along with the city’s other
Turkish residents during the Greco-Turkish war of 1920-21, and its
descendants, many of whom are said to be wealthy businessmen and
merchants in Istanbul, are generally thought to have assimilated
totally into Turkish life.

The Turkish Kemalist government,
which for years has been fending off Muslims assaults on its legitimacy
and on the secular reforms of Ataturk, has little reason to welcome the
news that the father of the ‘Father of the Turks’ was a crypto-Jew who
passed on his anti-Muslim sentiments to his son. Mustafa Kemal’s secret
is no doubt one that it would prefer to continue to be kept.

(Source: Hillel Halkin, in FORWARD, Jewish Newspaper Published in New York – January 28, 1994)


Mustafa in the Illuminati

perhaps the most impressive and carefully created of all the world’s
intelligence crests is that of Turkey’s National Intelligence
Organisation – MIT. It is a stunning collection of historical events
“clamped” together to portray an organisation and nation that is the
gateway to the West and Middle East. And to our knowledge, it is the
only crest to feature an individual’s face. The National Intelligence
Organisation was established upon the directives given by the ‘Great
Leader’ Mustafa Kemal Ataturk [Atatürk] (1881-1938) in 1925.

“We have
to establish a modern intelligence organisation as is the case in
contemporary states, said Ataturk. Since then, the service has evolved
constantly and is thoroughly respected by other intelligence agencies.
The MIT crest is a composite of five primary features. In the centre is
a photograph of Ataturk. This represents the loyalty of the MIT to the
principles and reforms of Ataturk. In heraldic law, using a face also represents honour.

the top of the crest behind Ataturk an image shows Turkey on the world
(above), this is to announce that the country is a world state and that
the world as a whole is within the field of interest of the MIT.
Sixteen stars surround ‘Turkey on the world’ and represent the
independent Turkish states established throughout history. Atthe lower
base of the crest, Sun beams stretch to the stars. The Sun represents
the Republic of Turkey; the beams virtues inherited by the country from
the past and the link it has established with history.

The crescent
star reflects Turkey’s independence, national integrity and unity. The
laurel foliage (above) represents
“peace at home and peace in the
world” that Ataturk designated for the people of the Republic of
Turkey. Each intelligence crest is as individual and unique as the
it represents.

Most are created in a manner that portrays intelligence,
strength and respect. Others evolve or change, but modernising agencies
does not necessarily mean the crest should be tampered with. Some
international agencies are reluctant to reveal their crest, seal or
logo, and that’s not altogether surprising. A crest can be read and
evaluated like any other information or photograph.

It’s also a clue to their existence!

List of delegates at Bilderberg 2007, Istanbul, Turkey (May 31 – June 3)

Names in alphabetical order

– George Alogoskoufis, Minister of Economy and Finance (Greece)
– Ali Babacan, Minister of Economic Affairs (Turkey)
– Edward Balls, Economic Secretary to the Treasury (UK)
– Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.
– Former Prime Minister (Portugal)
– José M. Durão Barroso, President, European Commission (Portugal/International)
– Franco Bernabé, Vice Chariman, Rothschild Europe (Italy)
– Nicolas Beytout, Editor-in-Chief, Le Figaro (France)
– Carl Bildt, Former Prime Minister (Sweden)
– Hubert Burda, Publisher and CEO, Hubert Burda Media Holding (Belgium)
– Philippe Camus, CEO, EADS (France)
– Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA (France)
– Juan Luis Cebrian, Grupo PRISA media group (Spain)
– Kenneth Clark, Member of Parliament (UK)
– Timothy C. Collins, Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC (USA)
– Bertrand Collomb, Chairman, Lafarge (France)
– George A. David, Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. (USA)
– Kemal Dervis, Administrator, UNDP (Turkey)
– Anders Eldrup, President, DONG A/S (Denmark)
– John Elkann, Vice Chairman, Fiat S.p.A (Italy)
– Martin S. Feldstein, President and CEO, National Bureau of Economic Research (USA)
– Timothy F. Geithner, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (USA)
– Paul A. Gigot, Editor of the Editorial Page, The Wall Street Journal (USA)
– Dermot Gleeson, Chairman, AIB Group (Ireland)
– Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company (USA)

Victor Halberstadt, Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former
Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings (the Netherlands)
– Jean-Pierre Hansen, CEO, Suez-Tractebel S.A. (Belgium)
– Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations (USA)
– Richard C. Holbrooke, Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC (USA)
– Jaap G. Hoop de Scheffer, Secretary General, NATO (the Netherlands/International)
– Allan B. Hubbard, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Director National Economic Council (USA)
– Josef Joffe, Publisher-Editor, Die Zeit (Germany)
– James A. Johnson, Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC (USA)
– Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC (USA)
– Anatole Kaletsky, Editor at Large, The Times (UK)
– John Kerr of Kinlochard, Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc (the Netherlands)
– Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates (USA)
– Mustafa V. Koç, Chariman, Koç Holding A.S. (Turkey)
– Fehmi Koru, Senior Writer, Yeni Safek (Turkey)
– Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign Affairs (France)
– Henry R. Kravis, Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (USA)
– Marie-Josée Kravis, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc. (USA)
– Neelie Kroes, Commissioner, European Commission (the Netherlands/International)
– Ed Kronenburg, Director of the Private Office, NATO Headquarters (International)
-William J. Luti, Special Assistant to the President for Defense Policy and Strategy, National Security Council (USA)
– Jessica T. Mathews, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA)
– Frank McKenna, Ambassador to the US, member Carlyle Group (Canada)
– Thierry de Montbrial, President, French Institute for International Relations (France)
– Mario Monti, President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Italy)
– Craig J. Mundie, Chief Technical Officer Advanced Strategies and Policy, Microsoft Corporation (USA)
– Egil Myklebust, Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA (Norway)
– Matthias Nass, Deputy Editor, Die Zeit (Germany)
– Adnrzej Olechowski, Leader Civic Platform (Poland)
– Jorma Ollila, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc/Nokia (Finland)
– George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (UK)
– Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Minister of Finance (Italy)
– Richard N. Perle, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA)
– Heather Reisman, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. (Canada)
– David Rockefeller (USA)
– Matías Rodriguez Inciarte, Executive Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander Bank, (Spain)
– Dennis B. Ross, Director, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (USA)
– Otto Schily, Former Minister of Interior Affairs; Member of Parliament; Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (Germany)
– Jürgen E. Schrempp, Former Chairman of the Board of Management, DaimlerChrysler AG (Germany)
– Tøger Seidenfaden, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Politiken (Denmark)
– Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International (Ireland)
– Giulio Tremonti, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies (Italy)
– Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor, European Central Bank (France/International)
– John Vinocur, Senior Correspondent, International Herald Tribune (USA)
– Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman, Investor AB (Sweden)
– Martin H. Wolf, Associate Editor and Economics Commentator, The Financial Times (UK)
– James D. Wolfensohn, Special Envoy for the Gaza Disengagement (USA)
– Robert B. Zoellick, Deputy Secretary of State (USA)

Klaus Zumwinkel, Chairman of the Board of Management, Deutsche Post AG
(USA); Adrian D. Wooldridge, Foreign Correspondent, The Economist.


2000 – Former Malaysian deputy Prime Minister and opposition
leader Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty of sodomy and sentenced to nine
years imprisonment by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur


2008 – In The Star Malaysia reports :

Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is
willing to cooperate with the police in their investigation into the
alleged sodomy complaint filed against him after having received
assurances of safety from several government leaders.

is willing to cooperate now that he has the assurance. However, he will
also want to see whether they live up to their promises,” PKR deputy
president Dr Syed Husin Ali told reporters on Monday night.

Anwar Ibrahim released from Turkish embassy.

Syed was asked if Anwar was willing to cooperate with the police,
including giving his DNA if needed, to clear his name of the sodomy
accusation by an aide.

The aide, 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, had lodged a police report that Anwar had sodomised him at a condominium in Damansara last Thursday.

Anwar Ibrahim released from the Turkish embassy speaking to the press.

Syed spoke to reporters gathered outside the PKR office in Merchant
Square, Jalan Tropicana here, where some 200-odd supporters had turned
up at 8pm hoping to see Anwar.

However, Anwar did not show up because he was caught up in meetings with lawyers and party leaders elsewhere.

He had left the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur at about 6.45pm on Monday, about 36 hours after having sought shelter there.

He said he had received death threats after Mohd Saiful had lodged the police report on Saturday.

has denied the allegations, and on Monday morning his lawyers filed a
suit against Mohd Saiful for allegedly lodging a false and malicious
police report.

Anwar left the residence of the Turkish
ambassador in a black sports utility vehicle together with his wife
Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail who had arrived about 10 minutes

His vehicle stopped just outside the gate where Anwar
addressed members of the local and foreign media. He left after
speaking for about 15 minutes, heading to Quality Hotel in Shah Alam.

This was a dramatic end to a slow start in the morning when only a small group of reporters had gathered in front of the Turkish Embassy and the ambassador’s residence about 1km away.

road in front of the embassy was quiet with the exception of a few
Turkish nationals going in and out of the embassy, postmen passing by
to send mail and children from school.

With no sign of Anwar or his supporters, press members waited patiently under the scorching sun.

pace began to pick up at about 5pm when more reporters and police began
turning up. Word had got around that Anwar was about to leave the

Around 6pm, reporters started moving from the embassy in Jalan U-Thant to the ambassador’s residence, a 15-minute walk away.

At 6.20pm, Anwar’s lawyer Sankara Nair arrived, followed by PKR vice-president Azmin Ali at 6.30pm and Wan Azizah at 6.35pm.

When asked to comment on her husband’s situation, Wan Azizah just smiled and said she wanted to meet her husband first.

“Just came from Parliament,” said Wan Azizah.

About ten minutes later, Anwar came out in a black MPV with his wife.
The Star

Saturday, June 28

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s 23-year-old assistant Mohd Saiful
Bukhari Azlan lodges a police report against him for sodomy at the
Travers police station in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

10PM About 1,000 Anwar supporters gather at Quality Hotel in Shah Alam after news spreads about the sodomy allegation.

Sunday, June 29

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah holds an emergency press conference
to refute the allegation. He reads out a statement by Anwar. Anwar was
not present to meet the press, although he was still in the hotel where
PKR was holding a supreme council meeting.

2.15AM PKR information chief Tian Chua says Pakatan Rakyat is fully behind Anwar.

ADILnews sends out a statement via SMS that Anwar is in possession of
new documents implicating Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa
Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail of fabricating
evidence in court cases involving Anwar in 1998. PKR claimed there was
an attempt to arrest Anwar.

8AM PKR’s supreme council meeting
starts with two police cars parked in front of the hotel. An officer
reportedly told PKR supporters they were there to prevent any untoward

11AM Anwar is believed to have left the hotel and headed for the Turkish Embassy in Ampang. He has not left the building since.

PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali conducts a press conference
without Anwar or PKR president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who
is Anwar’s wife. Halfway through, Wan Azizah turns up with her
daughters, including Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah, to take over the
press conference.

3PM Reporters get wind that Anwar has gone to
the Turkish Embassy and head there. However, they fail to meet with
Anwar or Turkish Ambassador to Malaysia Barlas Ozener.

6PM Several PKR leaders are seen outside the embassy. Reporters are told that Anwar was meeting his lawyers inside.



Gay Old Party Outs Itself While Many Ask, Is U.S. Run by Secret Homintern? – by Dr. Susan Block, Sep 13, 2007

By studying the decline of the Roman Empire, we can see the same
pattern happening today. It is the same sex trade with the same kind of
perverted leaders doing the same perverted things.

How come?
Because the occult secret societies, practicing sex magick on children
and homosexual sex magickal acts are just parts of the same ancient,
occult philosophical system that has controlled our planet for
thousands of years. Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com

Republican sex scandals continue to function as amusing Weapons of Mass
Distraction from ongoing Republican fiscal, diplomatic and military
fiascos. An intriguingly large portion of these scandals are gay, or,
lest we offend those members of the Gay Old Party who prefer to define
themselves as “not gay,” let us say that they are “homoerotic.”

about all of those GOP public servants caught in the homoerotic act are
screamingly homophobic. They also tend to be religious, often active
religious leaders with wives and families and huge constituencies who
speak out against same-sex marriage and express very little political
tolerance for their openly gay brethren-in-desire.

Take Our
Man in the Men’s Room, Idaho Senator Larry Craig. He is, he assures us,
“not gay.” And who are we to insist he is? After all, he could be bi.
The soon-to-be former Senator has got three kids, all adopted from his
wife’s first marriage. These adult children spoke “seriously” with
Craig who stood firm on his position that he was “not gay,” and they
believed him, at least enough to go on the talk shows, in hopes of
salvaging their stepdad’s considerable pension from the toilet. Craig’s
tap-dance with the cop takes this scandal-in-the-loo from tragedy to
farce, and oh how the rabble loves a farce.

Then there’s former New
Life Church Pastor Ted Haggard. He’s also “not gay.” At least, he has
been pronounced, by his counselor/minister Tim Ralph, to be “completely
heterosexual,” which is, technically, even more “not gay” than “not
gay.” Pastor Ted does seem to have provided the sperm for his five
kids. But his sexual relationship with male escort Mike Jones, as
described in the book

“I Had to Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s
Fall,” was way too hot to simply cool down, at least not so fast.
Pastor Ted was the quintessential hypocrite, preaching that homosexual
acts were condemned by God even as he was committing them with a
hooker, while snorting meth and grinning that big scary grin. But I
must admit, Pastor Ted is so crazily charismatic and so flamboyantly
gay, that I’m kind of hoping he “repents” by just admitting he’s
bisexual (or whatever he wants to call himself).

Then his wife can say
she’s bi too, and then they’ll both say being gay or bi is okay with
God, and then they’ll start a massive mega-church for gays, lesbians,
bisexuals, trannies and alt sex lovers in Boulder, Colorado. This could
happen! If only…

Former Florida Congressman Mark Foley was
also “not gay,” at least in the sense that most normal gay adults are
not trolling for teenagers. Foley and Craig were both sacrificed on the
altar of Republican purity. They were expendable liabilities that the
GOP shed, like Agamemnon sacrificed Iphigenia for the sake of strong
winds to take his military to war.

And despite the scandals, the
winds of war still blow strong in America, under the reign of King
George II, the chickenhawk, crotch-stuffed, frat boy exhibitionist who
appears to be more narcissistic than gay, bi or straight, but then
there are all those unaccounted overnight stays at the White House for
gay-escort-cum-journalist Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert. Or was
Gannon/Guckert’s job to erotically discipline Karl Rove?

When you
consider Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter and Lynn Cheney’s lesbian lit,
and, on the darker side, the homoerotic, deeply sadistic twists of all
that Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib POW Porn, overseen and often
micromanaged right down to the women’s underwear by wresting addict
Donald Rumsfeld, the whole Bush Crime Family seems as divinely gay and
“not gay” as Christmas at Liberace’s, or Ernst Rohm’s.

against gays or even closet gays. Some of my closest relatives, friends
and favorite people are gay, and some of my best telephone sex therapy
clients are closet gays. Of course, the closet gays tend to be the ones
who say they’re “not gay.” And who am I to say that they are? Many of
them have decent or even great sex with their wives or girlfriends.

their desire for some sort of carnal knowledge of the same gender
occasionally and almost irresistibly asserts itself in various ways, at
least in their minds, if not their actions. Their “sexual orientation”
is complicated, much more complex than labels like “gay,” or “not gay,”
“straight,” “homosexual,” “heterosexual” or even “bisexual” can convey.

of these closet cases are powerful men with sensitive souls leading
double lives. Some are hypocrites at the lowest rungs of the ethical
ladder, overcompensating for their agonizing discomfort with their own
desires for same-sex relations, their own tortured “gayness,” by
attempting to punish and humiliate openly gay people.

Closet gay
overcompensation virtually ejaculates over the top when these tortured
men channel their fear of being sissies into reckless military
adventure and expenditure. As more and more stories of furtive
man-to-man lust gush forth from our highest offices in the land, it
becomes clear that a vast deeply closeted gay “conservative,” usually
(but not always) Republican network of political and religious leaders
has held our nation in its sexual self-hating sadomasochistic thrall
for some time.

The twist on this Old Boys Network is that they don’t
actually have sex with each other (they prefer pageboys and hot Tearoom
studs), but they do cooperate intimately when it comes to making
“muscular” military policies that put other people’s loved ones in
harm’s way while flying the flag of some macho ideal.

If you
want to stay in the closet, that’s your business. And believe me, I
cherish and uphold your right to privacy, gay or “not gay.” But please
don’t become a public “servant,” to punish the closeted side of
yourself, as well as a lot of other people.

Meanwhile, what
about the fact that Dick Cheney’s phone number is listed numerous times
on the DC Madam’s phone bill? Is the major media refusing to touch that
because it’s just “straight” sex? After all, Louisiana Senator David
Vitter was only spanked, not sacrificed. Or is it because this Dick is
just too big to expose?


September 12, 2007. Dr. Susan Block is a sex educator, cable TV hostand
author of The 10 Commandments of Pleasure. Her film “Blonde Island:
Funk Me” is premiering at the LA Erotica Film Festival this Sunday at
3:30 pm. Closet GOP Gays and all others over 21 are welcome. Commit
Bloggamy with Dr. Suzy at http://www.drsusanblock.com/blog/ Email her
at liberties@blockbooks.com



Ismail Raji al-Faruqi (January 1, 1921 – May 27, 1986), renowned
Palestinian-American philosopher who is widely recognized by his peers
as an authority on Islam and comparative religion. He spent several
years at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, taught at several universities
in North America, including McGill University in Montreal. He was
Professor of Religion at Temple University, where he founded and
chaired the Islamic Studies program.

Dr. al-Faruqi and his wife,
Lois Lamya al-Faruqi, were stabbed to death in their home in Wyncote,
Pennsylvania on May 27, 1986, as the result of either a bungled
burglary or a politically-motivated attack.

Ismail al-Faruqi – Early life and education

al-Faruqi was born in Jaffa, Palestine. His father, ‘Abd al-Huda
al-Faruqi, was an Islamic judge (qadi) and a religious man well-versed
in Islamic scholarship. Dr. Faruqi received his religious education at
home from his father and in the local mosque. He began to attend the
French Dominican College Des Frères (St. Joseph) in 1936.

first appointment was as a Registrar of Cooperative Societies (1942)
under the British Mandate government in Jerusalem, which appointed him
in 1945 the district governor of Galilee. When Israel became an
independent Jewish state in 1948, Dr. al-Faruqi at first emigrated to
Beirut, Lebanon, where he studied at the American University of Beirut,
then enrolled the next year at Indiana University’s Graduate School of
Arts and Sciences, obtaining his M.A. in philosophy in 1949. He was
then accepted for entry into Harvard University’s department of
philosophy and was awarded his second M.A. in philosophy there in March
1951, with a thesis entitled Justifying the Good: Metaphysics and
Epistemology of Value. However, he decided to return to Indiana
University; he submitted his thesis to the department of philosophy and
received his Ph.D in September 1952. By then he had a deep-rooted
background in classical philosophy and the developing thought of the
western tradition. In the beginning of 1953, he and his wife were in
Syria. He then moved to Egypt, where he studied at Al-Azhar University
(1954-1958) and viewed as similar to acquiring another Ph.D.

Ismail al-Faruqi – Scholarly Achievements

al-Faruqi was an extremely active academician. During his years as a
visiting professor of Islamic studies and scholar-in-residence at
McGill University, a professor of Islamic studies at Karachi’s Central
Institute of Islamic Research as well as a visiting professor at
various universities in Northern America, he found the time to write
over 100 articles for various scholarly journals and magazines in
addition to twenty-five books, of the most notable being Christian
Ethics: A Historical and Systematic Analysis of Its Dominant Ideas.
Despite all of this academic activity, he managed to establish the
Islamic Studies Group of the American Academy of Religion and chaired
it for ten years. He served as the vice-president of the
Inter-Religious Peace Colloqium, The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Conference
and as the president of the American Islamic College in Chicago.

early emphasis was on Arabism as the vehicle of Islam and Muslim
identity. He would draw on these sources intellectually, religiously,
and aesthetically throughout the rest of his life. He was also one of
those who proposed the idea of Islamization of knowledge and founded
the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) together with
Sheikh Taha Jabir al-Alwani, Dr. Abdul Hamid Sulayman, former Rector of
the International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM) and Anwar Ibrahim, in 1980.
The 1986 murder of professor Isma’il Al Faruqi and his wife Lois provide a prime example of Western misunderstanding of the Muslim homosexual paradox. Of Palestinian descent, Al Faruqi taught Islamics in Philadelphia and was killed by one of his students–a Muslim convert–who claimed that the Faruqis “forced Muslim students to perform homosexual acts in return for scholarships at Temple University.”
Temple University

University is a university in Philadelphia. Temple University was
founded in 1884 by Dr. Russell Conwell and became known as Temple
College in 1888. In 1907, the college became a fully accredited
university. Temple University is the 28th largest university in the
United States, the sixth largest provider of professional education in
the country, and known for its programs in law, education, media,
business, health sciences, and music.

Dr. Russel Conwell

H. Conwell was called to the pastorate of the Grace Baptist Church of
Philadelphia before the church had heard him preach. Brother Alexander
Reed had heard Mr. Conwell preach when he visited him at Lexington,
Massachusetts. Brother Reed was an outstanding leader of the Church and
recommended the Mr. Conwell become the new pastor. The official “call”
was made on October 16, 1882. Mr. Conwell arrived at Philadelphia on a
Friday evening and was met by a group of men from the Church. The group
consisted of Deacons Stoddard and Singley, also Enos Spare and Spencer
VanHorn. They escorted him to the church at Mervine and Berks Streets
in Philadelphia. Deacon Reed was leading a prayer meeting at that time.
Here pastor and members met for the first time.

Mr. Conwell
preached on the following Sunday in the lower room of the
basement–later to be called the Lecture Room, as the Upper Main
Audience Room was yet unfinished. Workmen were still finishing the
frescoing, placing the pews, stained glass windows and carpeting, etc.
This church building was later dedicated by Mr. Conwell on December 3,

The Public Ledger reported the following about the new minister and the new church. The December 4, 1882 issue read:

of a New Baptist Church services conducted by the Rev. Russell H.
Conwell, late of Massachusetts.The church proper on the upper story is
in the form of an amphitheater, and has seating capacity for between
six and seven hundred persons. It is finished with great taste and
completeness. The ceiling is frescoed, the windows are of stained glass
and the pews of hard wood and handsomely upholstered. The edifice cost
about $70,000.

Mr. Conwell ended evening services with an hour
of prayer, leading the song service, and giving remarks along the lines
of his sermon. The musical pastor often contributed a solo during the
evening service.

The story of Hattie May Wiatt is one of
importance to the Baptist Temple as it describes the role of a child in
encouraging the congregation to grow and build a new church building.
Hattie was found crying because there was not enough room in the Sunday
School for her to attend. Mr. Conwell placed her on his shoulders and
carried her through the waiting crowds into the church. She began
saving her pennies to build a larger Sunday School. She had saved only
fifty-seven cents when she contracted diphtheria and died. Her parents
gave the money to Mr. Conwell with an explanation of her reason for
saving the money. The 57 pennies were later used as the first
downpayment for the Broad and Berks building. Hattie May Wiatt’s
picture can still be found on the wall of the Children’s Sunday School

This story so touched Mr. Conwell that he repeated many
times. The Wiatt Mite Society was formed to carry on Hattie’s dream.
The society continued for many years.

In September of 1887 at
the Centennial celebration of the United States Constitution, money
received from the Wiatt Mite Society was given “for the success of the
new Temple”. This was the first time the name “Temple” was used in
place of the church name.

The membership of the Church continued
to grow under the leadership of Mr. Conwell. In 1885, a letter to the
Philadelphia Association stated:

The year that has passed since
we met with you has been a year of uninterrupted growth and prosperity,
spiritual, social and financial. Our church is much too small for those
who desire to worship with us and our vestry rooms far too small for
our Sabbath School. We are setting our faces as a united people toward
a new and much larger house of worship, awaiting the Lord’s time and
direction in the matter.

The following are the statistics for
the year: United by baptism 149, of whom 34 came from the Sabbath
School; total membership 700, with 975 scholars in Sabbath School. Home
church expenses, $9,465.

On June 28, 1886, a committee was
appointed to consider a new building. They investigated a lot at the
corner of Broad and Berks Streets. A few days later the congregation
agreed to purchase the lot. The first downpayment for the lot was the
fifty-seven cents. The property was conveyed to the church on January
31, 1887.

In 1888, the youth group considered becoming a
world-wide youth organization. The pastor was a speaker at a Christian
Endeavor Convention. Mr. Conwell was very impressed by the purpose and
enthusiasm of the group. He later recommended the Christian Endeavor to
the youth group of the church.. On September 10, 1888,the Society of
Christian Endeavor was finally organized. Mr. Frank Bauder became
acting Chairman, The members were led in prayer by Deacon Moss. Then ,
the members elected Mr. Frank Bauder. The Christian Endeavor youth
groups continued to meet at the Church until the 1960’s.

Charles M. Davis, a young deacon, approached the pastor with his desire
to preach. However, Mr. Davis had little education and was without the
necessary funds to continue his studies. Mr. Conwell agreed to tutor
him. Over the next few days, seven prospective students met with Mr.
Conwell and Temple College was conceived. Ultimately, Mr. Conwell
became Dr. Conwell, president of the college, presently known as Temple

As the membership continued to grow to over one
thousand and the Sunday School to even greater members, a larger
facility was desperately needed. Consequently, on Monday, March 29,
1889, a contract was negotiated to build the new church for $109,000.
This figure included only the building itself.

William Bucknell
agreed to give $10,000. The ground was broken for the new building on
Wednesday, March 27, 1889. The cornerstone was laid on Saturday, July
13, 1889. As the new church building was nearing completion, the pastor
wanted to test the acoustics. A group of five members met in the
sanctuary as Mr. Conwell read Habakkuk 2:20: “The Lord is in His holy
temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him.” The acoustics
proved to be excellent.

On February 15, 1891, Mr. Conwell
preached his last sermon in the old church at Mervine and Berks
Streets.He preached the first sermon at the new building on March 1.
Sixty persons were baptized in the afternoon and several addresses were
given. The Rev. L. B. Hartman, the first minister, was present. The
celebration continued throughout the week and the church was filled to
capacity at all of the services. The new church later became known as
The Baptist Temple.

HOMOSEXUALITY IN ISLAM – A Difficult Paradox – Nicole Kligerman
Agence France-Presse – 6/30/2008 11:13 PM GMT
on news.msn.com

US cautions over sex charges against Malaysian opposition leader

United States said Monday it would oppose any politically motivated
investigation or prosecution of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar
Ibrahim facing fresh sex misconduct charges.

Anwar is
being investigated over new allegations of sodomy, Malaysian police
said Saturday, the same charge that saw him jailed six years until
2004, when the charge was overturned.

The former deputy
premier accused the government of concocting the new sex claims by a
23-year-old male aide and had briefly sought sanctuary at the Turkish
embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, saying he had received threats and
feared for his life.

“The main point for us is that
the rule of law needs to stand above politics,” said Tom Casey,
spokesman for the US State Department.

“And we would certainly oppose any use of law enforcement or
judicial procedures for anything other than legitimate purposes of the
law,” he said.

Noting that Anwar had previously faced
similar charges and that his conviction was ultimately overturned,
Casey said, “So, we would hope that there’s not a pattern here.

certainly, we would be concerned that anything that is done be done in
a way that is appropriate, that is a legitimate investigation of
charges that might exist under Malaysian law, and would not be anything
that was a politically motivated investigation or prosecution,” he

The new charges erupted after Anwar stormed back into
Malaysian politics in March general elections that handed the
opposition a third of parliamentary seats and five states.

then, Anwar has said he is poised to form a new government with the
help of defectors from the ruling coalition, undermining Prime Minister
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who has faced repeated demands to step down over
the polls debacle.

The charismatic opposition leader said the
new charges would be “a repeat of the 1998 fiasco” when he was hit with
the sodomy and corruption counts that were widely seen as politically

Anwar said he was targeted again because he had
evidence that the police and attorney-general had fabricated evidence
in the original sex trial.

Premier Abdullah denied any involvement in the new charges.

“We had no plans to do anything to him just because he says he’s made a political comeback,” he said.

Criminal Investigation Department chief Bakri Zinin said Anwar’s aide
had personally written the report against his boss detailing an
incident at a condominium in an upmarket Kuala Lumpur suburb.


So, what has US got to do with Anwar? What’s US got to do with Turkey? Why’s US interfering in Malaysian affairs?


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