Anwar Ibrahim The Jew Baiter


By Syed Akbar Ali

Well that is what the Yanks are saying now. There is this American Online newspaper called The New Ledger which has written a long article on the chameleon’s . . . err Anwar Ibrahim’s transformation into a “Jew Baiter”.

The article is titled “The Reversal Of Anwar Ibrahim.” Considering Anwar is facing trial for sodomy, I dont know if they chose this title on purpose. You can read the whole article here

I got wind of this story from Rocky’s Bru here, who in turn got it from Barking Magpie’s Blog here .

I have always held that Anwar’s greatest shortcoming is his intelligence. The brother can talk a lot but he dont think too well.

What Anwar has been doing is that when he travels outside Malaysia, he cultivates (or cultivated – its past tense now) powerful Jewish friends like Bill Cohen, Madeleine Albright, Al Gore, Paul Wolfowitz, Martin Indyk and others who helped him in his tirades against his so called persecution. American Jews have massive access to the media and Anwar needed that media to remain relevant outside Malaysia.

But Anwar’s close relationship to the Jews in the US has been leaked out through the Blogs here in Malaysia. The Malay Muslims do not like his close association with influential American Jews. This is part of the reason for the Pakatan’s loss in Hulu Selangor too. The Malay Muslims are catching on to Anwar Ibrahim’s chameleon role vis a vis the Jews when he is outside the country.

To counter spin this growing perception of his ‘talam dua muka’ role, Anwar created the story of APCO, Mossad influence in the Malaysian Police and so on. He accused the Najib Government of sleeping with the Jews. He stretched his imagination beyond boundaries again. When campaigning to Malay Muslim audiences he made his “anti Israel” (aka “anti Jewishness”) quite clear.

Anwar did not imagine, despite the Internet, that whatever he says would also be picked up by the Jews, including his Jewish friends in the Jewnited States. Hence this long and very critical article about him in The New Ledger. You can read the whole article but here are some choice snippets. They have also put up a rather unflattering photograph of Anwar, with a smirk on his face (pic).

The Reversal of Anwar Ibrahim

by Rachel Motte

* Anti-Semitism is now resurgent in Malaysia thanks to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, a charismatic firebrand of a politician

* The proximate cause of Ibrahim’s descent into the foul rhetoric of anti-Semitism was his decision to exploit the government’s hiring of a Washington, D.C., public relations firm, APCO, to do minor communications work within Malaysia

* In Malaysia, the events of the past few months have made it crystal clear a strange role reversal: it’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who is whipping up anti-Semitic sentiment

* This is not the first time Ibrahim has gone down this road: he has a history of Jew-baiting when expediency calls for it.

* Ibrahim himself has delved headlong into anti-Semitic theorizing, publicly alleging that there are “Israeli intelligence personnel in the Police IT unit.” Worse, he connected his anti-Semitism to his anti-Americanism

* “Anwar Ibrahim is a founder and director of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a think tank in Virginia that has alleged links to terrorism.” In 2002-2003, Ibrahim’s institute in Virginia was even investigated by the FBI, IRS and CIA for alleged financing of Hamas and Hizbollah.

* But does Anwar Ibrahim’s portrayal of himself outside Malaysia match Anwar Ibrahim’s actions within his own country? Unfortunately, Ibrahim has decided to make his mark in domestic Malaysian politics — away from CNN, Al Gore, and Johns Hopkins — as an anti-American, anti-Semitic demagogue

* Yet it remains as hard as ever to figure out who are America’s real friends and allies in the Muslim world . . . The Malaysian state and its ruling party are broadly constructive and cooperative with the United States — but its political opposition is another story. And that’s the reverse of what often gets portrayed in Western media.

* The present Malaysian leadership is pro-business, pro-American and prepared to stand up and be counted in the Muslim world as a strategic U.S. ally.

* The sad truth is that we shouldn’t be surprised by Ibrahim’s descent into anti-Americanism or anti-Semitism. When he told CNN that “stoking the flames of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism is a good distraction,” he wasn’t condemning: he was observing and prescribing

It looks like Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim will be losing some support from his Jewish friends in the Jewnited States soon. Already Senator John Kerry has distanced himself from Anwar. It looks like it may be Turkey after all for Anwar. Thats where turkeys go.


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